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I have to say that Giantbomb.com's approving editing is pretty fucking terrible. They don't allow enough points to be given, they don't approve of spelling corrections, putting in spaces to get rid of run-on sentences, info on characters or deleting incorrect info. Too many pages of characters are completely blank... nothing gets done.

Most users around here are just pathetic and dumb. The don't seem to have any real understanding over anything real... there edits around here pretty much show that they think the movie and video game word is reality and historically accurate... sad...

When it comes errors, the forums for bug reporting says that the person who could fix most of those left the website a few years ago and they haven't replace that person... I don't know why I fucking bother with this place. Comicvine.com is turning out to be a much better place... well, in terms of editing and fixing errors.

Until they get there act together... FUCK this place...