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As someone who never wants to see a gun in real life but loves them in movies, games, and comics, I found the Military Channel's "Ultimate Weapons" series entertaining and informative, and it's on Netflix.

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I saw this on a bunch of sites a few days ago and it was so flimsy it didn't even need to be debunked. And RE5 is one of Capcom's highest grossing titles with 6,600,000 copies sold as of December 2013. Which is why they had such insane projections for RE6.

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@crithon: My thinking in renting was less about fighting the establishment and more about doing what's in my best interest. I got to experience it for $2 instead of $20 to judge for myself if it was worth the asking price. Now I know I'll feel fine buying it for $10 or less later because that's about what it's worth to me.

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Yeah, $10 or less is fair, since they did put the effort into making it slightly more than a demo. I would've seen it as a very positive thing at that price point, and a brilliant advertising move. At its current price it just feels exploitative and insulting.

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It's not about length so much as content. The main mission has two objectives and there's as much story here (maybe) as you'd find in the tanker demo for MGS2. Because this is a demo, with some bonuses added to try to justify an insane $20- $30 price tag. It is very fun to mess around with so I don't blame hardcore fans for buying it, I just can't commend Konami for selling this thing this way.

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I rented it for a day as well. Great choice, got to leisurely play through all the missions except the one that requires all patches. It's really fantastic but it is just a demo with special features, so the way they're selling it is too gross for me to support. Jim Sterling's review is spot-on, I don't know how anyone can call it a game with a straight face.

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-BioShock 2, even the multiplayer

-Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

-Clive Barker's Jericho

-AvP (2010)

-F.E.A.R. 3

-Game Of Thrones (fantastic story makes up for clumsy gameplay, most gutwrenching moral choices I've experienced in a game)

-Army Of Two: The Devil's Cartel (kind of series-ruining, but incredibly fun gameplay and best customization yet)


-Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days

-Punisher: No Mercy

-God Mode

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This is one of those things that is always going to irk me, I guess. There's a whole lot of Brink in Titanfall. The fundamental difference is that in Brink, kills were more a means of suppressing the enemy so objectives could be completed, rather than the primary objective themselves. It introduced the parkour aspect and story bookends to matches to the multiplayer shooter but doesn't get any credit, while Titanfall does it and gets praised as revolutionary. I'm sure it brings it together in a nicer, more polished and accessible package, but Brink was a fine game. Unfortunately, people expected a lot more because Zenimax hyped it as having a full singleplayer campaign. It's really the spritual successor to the classic niche multiplayer Enemy Territory games and selling it as universally appealing new shooter for the masses is what lead to the enormous backlash. It's a fine, even great, game for what it was intended to be, just not what was promised. It's just unfortunate that it won't be remembered that way and Titanfall will take the glory for its innovations, as well as its own. History totally is written by the victors. It's how Gears Of War invented the cover shooter.

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I recently surpassed 100 PS2 games in my collection and there are still a ton I'd like to try. I think $53 is a good price, just be prepared for it to look pretty bad on an HDTV, if you have an old SDTV on hand I'd use it. Also be prepared for a lot of the games to hace aged poorly, but that's always the case with old-school gaming, plenty of them are still great.

For original Xbox, that's a tough one, it can look better in HD and the multiplatform titles will look better but are usually a little harder to find. I bought one for the first time myself a couple years ago and didn't find it very necessary since 360 can play a lot of the games anyway, and many I was looking forward to got next-gen re-releases, like Doom 3 and Far Cry: Instincts.

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Brink did it first. And people were pissed. I wasn't one of them, I'm cool with this model but I loved Quake III and Unreal Tournament as well. I prefer games getting creative with their alt modes than foregoing them altogether. Tacked on multiplayer or campaign should die, but I think most games should still include a supplemental additional mode, that's an appropriate add-on to the core game.