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  I thought the film was great...and the game is very polished looking, single player is fun, like a a cyber prince of persia really.  But I was hoping that the multiplayer was going to be much better, graphics great , just a huge lack of options for setting up games and its just...boring

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Yep sorry got carried away, did you like the film?
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So annoyed at this game, I'm a big Tron fan and enjoyed the Tron legacy film. I was really looking foward to the Tron evolution game thinking this was it, this is going to be massive, a selection of Tron events to choose from such as disc battle, lightcyles, tanks, the ball game etc.  All with fantastic gameplay and graphics where you can compete in competions and appear in legue table and stuff. Well bought the game ....and what a bloody dissapointment, such a let down.  The graphics are awsome looking, but the gameplay is just CRAP!  The disc battles are just rubbish, you run amongst other bots or online players(and thats a small handful) who are randomly flinging their discs around, discs continuously bouncing off you, getting battlered hand to hand by people crowding you, and its just naff, not much fun.  The lightcylcles being the most iconic thing about the film is a real let down. Once again graphics looks amazing, and your character does that really cool thing of jumping and the cycle forming around him, but you can just explode because someone jumps out his bike when hes near you and decides to throw a disc at your bike, light cycles tactics ......gone. There is no sense of impact  either when you crash just a tame  PUFF  with no electrical derezzing sound....and worst of all the swooshing noise is just not there when doing 90 degree turns, NOTHING! Thats the most satisfying noise ever!  ..Play argamegtron with the movie add on pack..trust me.