Playstation 24" 3D Display first impressions.

So I just bought the Playstation 24" 3D Display and have been messing around with it for awhile. Instead of writing a long post I'll just post some personal pros and cons I've noticed so far.


- Motorstorm Apocalypse comes bundled with the display. Some may not like the game but I'm a fan of the series and from what I've played I like it.

- The picture quality is great. 1080p, 240hz. Popped in a blu-ray and played some Uncharted 3 and it looks fantastic.

- The 3D glasses are comfortable and are fast to charge. If the information is to be believed you'll get 30 hours of play time with a 30 minute charge.

- Speaking of 3D I played some Uncharted 3 in 3D. I was pretty negative on the whole 3D movement, mostly from bad theater experiences, but I have to say Uncharted 3 looked great. Everything just popped and stood out more. Rocks or statues I didn't quite pay attention to in my initial play through looked great.

- There are a variety of sound options and from what I've heard it sounds great.


- The base is solid and doesn't shake but when putting it together it felt flimsy and cheap.

- Not all 3D games are created equal. Uncharted 3 looked stunning but I found Killzone 3 to look bad in 3D. I'll give it another go, might have been the level I played around in, but I'm not keeping my hopes up.

- Yo dawg it's $499 for a 24" display!!! It suits my needs perfectly, I needed a display to play games at my desk and coming from my old Toshiba 32" that only did 720p it looks great, but I wouldn't recommend it to someone who loves playing and watching on a big screen.

Overall I'm happy with my purchase and will continue using it. If you have any general questions feel free to ask, unfortunately I can't answer any on the whole Simulview tech as I only have one pair of glasses. Also here is a video of a pretty lady talking about the display.


Cluttered Box Art.

I've noticed lately more and more covers for games are featuring more and more useless or annoying stuff. Now what do I mean by useless stuff? Well little emblems of E3 awards from the previous year, beta logos, putting how much dlc is pack with the game on the front, quotes from reviews or previews,  that kind of stuff. Now I understand some things being on the cover, like the ESRB rating, but it's getting to be overkill. My most recent purchase, Killzone 3, had a couple of these annoying things on the box. 

 My copy also has a big Gamespot E3 winner icon on it...
 My copy also has a big Gamespot E3 winner icon on it...
And although I have the original version of Uncharted 2 it was announced today that it would now be a Playstation Greatest Hits title so the box art is as cluttered as ever...
So has this trend bugged any of you guys as of late? 

Mass Effect 2 made me cry (Overlord dlc).

I always kinda found it weird when people talk about how they get emotionally connected to a game. Making them cry or having them need to take a break do to a heavy situation, like Jeff explained his experience with that meth girl in GTA4 I think, has seemed odd because I have never been through that situation playing a game. Now I'm about to talk about some Overlord spoilers so if you don't want it spoiled don't read anymore.  


First day impressions.

So I bought EA Sports Active 2 for the PS3 and after using it for a day I have mixed feelings. As soon as you boot up the game you have to watch a montage of people working out and smiling while they explain to you what the game is and how to set it up. After getting through that you pick your trainer, create your character and all those silly things. When you get into the actual game you can choose from starting a program or just working out, I decided to start a 3 week cardio program. The actual program was fun and and I sweated a lot. It tracked my heart rate, calories burned and all my movements perfectly, FYI since this is PS3 it just uses the 3 motion straps it comes with so no camera required. Than I went to the main menu and it got really fucked up. It thought it was the 18th, locked me out of the game and froze on me. I had to reboot the PS3, change the system date manually,  booted the game up and all my data was lost. Not only that I tried to log on to the EA Sports Active 2 website to see my stats and it just freezes. So after the first day the workouts are good but the interface is slow and in my case freezes up on you. I'm going to try and start a program tomorrow again and hopefully I don't run into the same problems. 


Do fitness games really work? I'm going to find out.

      Hey bombers with all these fitness games coming out I was wondering, do they really work? We see all these reviews and articles about these games and they all seem positive but we don't see what happens if we actually use these games for months. I've decided to buy EA Sports Active 2.0 for the PS3 when it comes out and use it for 90 days and see if I lose weight, get stronger, and improve my health all around. I will be making a blog post before the game comes showing my starting weight etc, an unboxing post, a post after 1 or 2 days to make sure I have all the equipment needed, and from than on out I will be making a blog post every 5 days to show my results and feelings on the game. Now you may be asking why am I blogging about this? Well there are a number of reasons: 
- It will help keep me motivated knowing I have to make a post here on my favourite video game site. 
- My writing and reviewing skills will hopefully get better. 
- I want to give something back to the community seeing as this site has entertained me so much.  
- I get to test my flip video and video editing skills for clips I record. 
- (Hopefully) I can get in better shape after this is over.  
     You can follow my upcoming series of blogs if you want and if you get something out of it great, if this isn't your type of thing than you have no obligation to follow. 

  Wish me luck....       
Wish me luck....