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Fun but with a crash 1

BORDERLANDS is fun game but over run with a bad story and a very small replay value.  Graphics: The graphics are different from your average game.  Much different.  It sets itself in a cartoon like world where you are a cartoon like character.  But don't take it the wrong way when I say "cartoon".  It is not your adverage cartoon you would expect on tv on a Saturday morning, this is gory.  Limbs, random bodies, hangings and brains make this a bloody game.  It is hard to compare these graphics to...

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Resistance 2 Review 1

  Why would I give Resistance 2 a 10? Many reasons but manly because it is almost totally perfect! This is the only ps3 game I have ever played that has not had a single noticeable glitch in the entire campaign play-through. Its graphics are surprisingly great and game-play rocks with the right controls in the right spot! Do not be fooled by its prequel Resistance fall of man where it wasn't really the best start of the resistance series. The multipayer is the best multi-player I have played (n...

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inFAMOUS Review 0

 This is a game that should not be missed by anyone. As soon as you pop that disk in you'll find yourself lying in crater due to an explosion from a bomb you were carrying in your hands?! The explosion destroyed and killed everything in its path except for you and now you find yourself jumping from buildings, blowing up stuff and draining electricity from Empire city. You are given a choice to do a Good deed or a Evil deed this is called a Karma moment. In karma moment time pretty much just s...

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Call of Glitches: MP40s at War Review 0

 I could start out like everyone else telling you how wonderful this game is or I could be truthful and tell you everything WRONG with the game. First of all this was the flash of the year, but with no fallowing boom? The previous Call of Duty installment by Infinity Ward Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was original, few glitches, amazing campaign and a multiplayer that blew you away. (literally :P). COD:4 set the bar very high and obviously Call of duty World at War could not even get close to it....

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Batman: AA Review 0

 As a fellow Batman fan I was particularly excited for the release of this game. After playing the demo I was lessened in hope, I finally got my hands on it… I was blown away and by blown away I mean, well… you'll have to read my review. All my ratings are x/5.0  (This was taken from my original review and some changes were made.) Graphics //3.0// The graphics were fairly good but felt unrealistic, a little solid, somewhat gritty and dirty. I found several graphical glitches towards the end...

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