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I never was a big gamer until the xbox 360..my first gaming experience was beautiful *tear*

The first Game I played for the 360 was Saintsrow & then I got addicted from there it went to
Other games example (Gears Of War/Halo..ect) I like to do other crap to though =)

Like: Write poetry & music,read poetry & listen to music lol I also love nature & animals
I'm a vege(Batarian) =) I have brothers & Im the only girl in my fam 
pets (kitty cat & doggy)

  • Sometimes I'm to outspoken which is also why sometimes I'm annoying XD
  • Alot of girls on xboxlive don't like me but its most likely because there *b!tches & hoes*
  • Lol that last part was a joke =) I just love saying that,
  • Anyways I can be a little weird sometimes but I'm also nice
  • I have a squeeky voice (sometimes) on XBL..but some people find my rubber ducky voice attractive

Anywho Thats all I can say for now =)