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Random Blog of random things I Love

I was just thinking about the game Prince of persia....I loved it so much & for a week I felt like christopher columbus
exploring a hole new world..killing evil skeletons, running on walls made of water & all that other bazooka, God I love you Mr.Prince of Persia =[
also I'm deadly craving garlic and onion pizza but I don't eat it often..its so freakishly!! delicious!!!! & gives me the most desirable bad breath
that could literally put anyone within 5 feet into a coma  mm mm mm
Also I recently day dreamed that me and mel gibson switched bodies & I made everyone love him again
but then when they found out it was me in his body they started beating me to death for being on team mel =[
other then that though it was still pretty cool
God I love babies  to there so good at pooping,peeing,spitting,and covering your hole body in weird/disgusting fluids
Wish I could do that..I also love my baby cousin jonathan he means the world to me!
I also love going to the zoo and watching the animals do weird things like poop while walking or eating eachothers fleas 
there so cute to just watch
Mmm..and Coco puffs =] there so chocolately good & almost give me seizures
I love hiding in clothes racks and scaring people especially old ladies.
I love that I named my xbox because its a part of my family
I love you hefalump <3
I love my guinea pigs & I sometimes crawl around on the ground & act like I'm one of them
I really fit in with those little guys..mwaah (kisses 4 them)
Ok well I'm done with my random blog of random things I love &/or like 
If you didn't enjoy then Fuck you to <3 Jk...much love homies =D


Old "Ex" Box Friend

 I know..Im bad at blogging but enough about me!! (Not really)

Anywho! Have you ever had any ex friends?? most likely you did (Ha I'm slow but w/e), well I do to!..
We grew apart & for that I thank the sweet jebus above!
I've recently chatted it up with an old friend I USED to be really frickin close to on the xbox
like for awhile I was OVERLY addicted & me and this dude would hangout literally ALL the time
Now I've become friends with an old friend of mine again & hes still friends with him (dude I used to hang with alot)
Well I've recently talked to him due to my (cool friend) inviting him (my ex friend) to a party on xbox
Well bascilly hes like the definition of boring (whatever that means) =/
Hes also rude & seems pretty fucking pathetic.

Hes an asshole which now that I think about it hes always kind of been
I just can't help but think Why the fuck was I friends with that douche??
Anyone else feel me on this??

Do you have a friend or have had a friend..where you can't help but think
WHAT THE FRUIT IS WRONG WITH ME!?? why am I or was I friends with this person
If so..comment as to why your wondering that?? is your friend or ex friend is a jerk or and asshole
possibly a stalker or somewhat obsessive? maybe just a psycho...
Or you honestly just don't like them but are only trying to be nice

I've had friends in all though I've had friends that have thretend to
possibly rape,kill and incapitate me or commit cannibalism on my body
I'd enjoy all of long as I don't have to listen to that Asshole talk another 5minutes

Phew..Glad I got that out =] 


Phone service (Boost)

well I recently got my phone an considering that I'm low-middle class I thought I had to settle for shit phone service  BUT I was surprised to find that its not as much bullshit as I thought it would be..I hear so much crap about boost like dropped calls/crappy phones/crappy sound,sure the texting is slightly slow but its not anything to complain about  plus you still get internet and unlimited talking for only $50 a month..who can complain! def not me! Goodness I feel like a spokesperson lol but anyways I recently got one of there newest phones i856w  so far it seems pretty sturdy..its actually somewhat nice looking an you can upload music onto it 
I have not had one dropped call yet..the sound quality with this phone has been amaaaazing and depending on what area your in this could really save alot of people some money, I mean..I know I'll take all the money I can save! lol =P hope you had fun reading my  slow boring ,entertaining phone/service go get yourself a good provider! ;)  (stiff laugh) ha...ha..ha....(get it) ? =|


1st Blog! *Random*

oK well this is my first blog and I thought I'd blog about this past month dads been freakishly akward to be around..and its weird cause
my dad just cannot!! pronounce words right,he was ordering something
and told the lady he wants an anus burger! and then he was ordering something else
and he sounded like he said horney..this was on seperate occasions 
oh and from KFC he was getting wedges and told the person can I get some wedgies
Im just like "Dad please!! pronounce something right!" he always says
But "I did" lol I need to get my dad in some claases and teach
that dude how to talk!  =P 
anyways...I was going into bestbuy
you see me and my family are what you call window shoppers
and we go out all the time mainly just to look around! 

well Im looking around and I decided that I wanted to do like
a weird british accent so Im walking around saying "Hello Mate"
which I think isnt from england LOL and this little kids are like
"Wow that girls accents so cool" and I felt awesome,I have no idea why
but it felt good to be from a diff country! Anyways this prego ladies talking to me
and shes like "Aww the clothes are so adorable" and I stop my british accent
Im just like "Yea they are..Im expecting to" so she asks me when and I told her
in "10months!" how retarded am I??? I really wasnt thinking..
Edit: I almost forgot as we were leaving the store right infront theres like
these 2 huge dudes! and theyre getting ready to fight! and there cursing
and the security gaurds this little old man! so its like wtf is he gonna do!
sheesh walmart needs smart thinkers like meee *JUIIIICCCCY*
anyways yea Im off to play l4d Now
1st blog is officially over!! I might do it again! =]