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@cale said:

I'm currently at 77% completion and so far I feel Jeff's 4 stars is a little too generous... I might have burned myself out by doing the side-quests too early, I dunno. I like the powers and stuff, but overall it just feels like I'm going through the motions and occasionally getting some funny content to keep me from losing interest. Maybe it picks up in the last few hours, we'll see.

I think you played the game poorly like I did. I had all the side stuff done, and was at level 52 well before the ending. The game does drag a lot by doing that, but it does make the actual missions stand out more.

Still, it was a terrible decision to play that way. I just hated seeing that my quest-log constantly had 9 missions in it

I would clear out my side missions before progressing with the story, I hit max level somewhere around The Kinzie Gambit, cleaned up all of the collectibles before the final mission, but it seems I had an entirely different experience to you guys. I found that the activities were generally really short so I'd bang through a character's side missions and then have a big chunk of story content from a loyalty mission followed by a main campaign mission, which seems like a good ratio of repeatable missions to bespoke content.

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I've had a single soft-lock in the 20-something hours that I've played. I've seen it crash a lot on livestreams but haven't seen anyone actually lose a save. It seems very odd that it would roll back two manual saves.

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I really like all of the Shaundi & Fake Shaundi stuff. It's probably among the least showy content in the game but her story mission and "romance" conversation are great.

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@chiablo: In a livestream the day before release the audio crew explained that the least listened-to radio stations had to be dropped for budgetary reasons.

Your other concerns are likely due to being at a very early stage in the game still. A lot of the story and loyalty missions take place outside of the main Steelport simulation, and SR4 is very much not a game about street gangs and acquiring territory anymore. The variation and diversity comes more from the number of bespoke locations you visit over the course of the game. While there are more enemy types they do still belong to the one faction.

They made the best open world crime game that they could with SR3, this game is more of an infamous/prototype open-world superhero cyberpunk space-opera.

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The November Rain guitar solo moment was pretty funny, mostly thanks to irony.

Man, remember back before Avril's first album debuted and she was just a pretty girl with a great voice and a handful of folksy acoustic demos to her name? Back when it actually seemed like she could be a huge talent?

Who could have known that she'd turn out to be dangerously retarded?

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The french female voice is my pick too. THough I have to say that the "southern belle" voice is also excellent.

I also enjoy the fact that whenever Nolan North gets to play Nolan North he hams it up like a bad VO. His pain sounds in SR4 are especially good.

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@rolyatkcinmai: There should be some sort of medication for people who agree with your assessment. You guys are clearly suffering and present a real and credible danger to yourselves and others.

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@extomar said:

Although a native Twitch app is nice on any platform, live-streaming to Twitch is a much bigger deal.

On twitch it says "broadcasting and viewing coming to PS4."

Also this;

Today we’re proud to announce that Twitch will indeed be available on the PlayStation 4. This Fall, PS4 owners worldwide will be able to broadcast their gameplay direct to their Twitch channels by simply pressing the new “Share” button found on the DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller.

So it looks like both consoles will be able to stream directly. Wonder how Ustream are feeling right now.

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The final few minutes were the best part of the presentation. Sick burns, prices and street dates.

Sadly, the majority of the audience missed it thanks to an epidemic of Vita comas.

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Sony Europe really knows how to pack ten minutes of content into an hourlong presentation.