Games I have bought and quick stories.

There is a huge difference between a game you have recieved and a game you have bought. 
Every purchase in a sense is a gamble, most new games these days cost $60 bucks. 
If you don't do research, you have the tendency to get burned. 
Nowadays, I gamefly almost every retail game, I buy a ton of PSN stuff though.  
Various games from puzzlers to shooters, and there was that horrible period where I bought EVERY game. 
This is going to be a mixture of recollection and regret probably, but oh well. 
Buyer Beware.

List items

  • Bought the deluxe edition for the guidebook. Loved this game, but had no intention to play through it again after completion.

  • There were two games I was looking at one day when I was younger, got money for my birthday, and had a choice between Gran Turismo 2 and this game. Guess which one I picked! Yeah, I'm a fool. Horrible game, and I'm not even a James Bond fan! No idea why I bought this.

  • Bought this game to share over PSN with my brother and sister, only to be foiled by the DRM. My sister (I bought it on her account) couldn't play it for the first 24 hours. And after that 24 hours, I couldn't play it at all! Well played Capcom.

  • Only bought this because of classic "I bought this new console, now I must buy games for it!" syndrome. Was alright, not a fan.

  • One of my favorite games, and one of the only games I have imported. I LOVED Elite Beat Agents, and this game had Ready Steady Go! Yes that was the big selling point.

  • Second game I have ever imported. Unfortunately this game borrowed a lot from EBA's story, so it was HIGHLY predictable.

    Spoiler: "Oh no, the Ouendan have been frozen, I bet a kid is going to start a big cheer that revives...oh, there they go. OU-EN-DAN!!

  • Came out on my birthday, and was an AMAZING surprise. My favorite DS game, ever. Loved the music, the characters, and the crazy battle system.

  • I HATE TETRIS, yet I bought this game. I thought that maybe this time I would finally love it. Nope.

  • Bought it only for the name, wasn't expecting much due to the brand new cast. Pleasantly surprised, made necessary updates to the gameplay, and was a fresh take. Pokemon should take notes.

  • Bought Diamond. Got the fire starter Had to grind to beat the first gym leader. Got to the first cave. Promptly said "**** this game" after running into repeated zubat and geodude, this is a NEW game for crying out loud!! I don't wanna fight 1st gen filler!!

  • This game alone was the reason I bought a Game Boy Advance. It was so cool looking at the time, and me and my friends would spend hours passing a GBA around to play it. Like Monopoly though, we never finished.

  • System seller again, this time it made me buy a lime green Game Boy Color, I was 9 at the time I think, so I tried collecting old books around the house and trying to sell them. My grandfather, knowing a bit more about sales, just decided to donate the books to goodwill and buy me the GBC. With my grass cutting money, I bought this game.

  • The first Zelda game I ever bought, I fell in love with this game. I wasn't too familiar with the series ("Zelda is the name of the guy you are right?") but it was fun, a lot of fun.

  • Insane insane insane love for this game. I had one of those old OPM demo discs that had a demo of this game, and it was ADDICTING!!! I remember never being able to beat it, but slowly getting better and better, then getting to the first Harmony sequence was just bliss. Bought this game off the internet YEARS later, and is probably my favorite PS2 game.

  • I bought this game to support crazy-ass games such as this one. Bought it twice actually, bought the US version and the EU Special edition. I really don't have a reason to play it anymore, but was it worth it. Yes. It was a hell of a ride.

  • Recently bought this because I'm a sucker for "YOUR MUSIC SHAPES THE GAME" games. And it was a cheap steam purchase that would run on my PC, so that too.

  • Took a long time for this game to grow on me, but it sunk its claws into me. 210 hours later, I find this game ridiculously addictive and fun. No wonder it has swept Japan.

  • Bought it for the sole purpose of playing Mercenaries with my brother and sister. Granted, it was 20 bucks when I finally threw down, but hey.

  • Did the hype get me? Ayup. Any regrets? Nope. Well, except for buying 50 bucks worth of costumes I used for about 5 minutes. Yeah, I bought EVERY ONE up until the White Knight costumes (last month) Woe is me.

  • My gateway drug into this goddamn series. I love those crazy chinese warlords and their accompanying squabbles and rock music. My favorite? Pang Tong, the weird smart guy who is always overshadowed until he dies an unfortunate death. Fallen Phoenix Hill, never forget.

  • The first PS3 Dynasty Warriors game, so I was ALL OVER that shit. Fans hated this game because it was new, and anything that wasn't monotony scared them. I loved this game though, it took the old system and made it look beautiful. Xu Chang castle looked fantastic definitely the highlight of the game

  • Never was a fan of the Empires series, and this one didn't really win me over. Being a follower sucked, your leader always made crap decisions. "We COULD take over China, but let's fortify our defenses!" Seriously, why no DW6:XL?

  • Granted, as I write this it's not out. No brainer purchase. New characters, trials. Yes, an expansion, but come on. I've paid more for less.

  • The first in (as you will soon see) a HORRIBLE trend. I bought this solely to play a metal version of The Devil Went Down to Georgia. Yeah, I'm weird. The game was pretty fun, and I ended up buying almost ALL of the DLC for it. It's not THAT bad, since they only released DLC for this once a month, but still. Pretty bad.

  • I liked the other one so much, I gave this one a shot too. So much easier than the other one, and kinda crappy looking, not to mention the watered down playlist. Something for everyone, but not much. At least I was able to only buy the guitar, and not spend it on the other stuff...

  • This game really wowed me, new visual style, smoother interface...and got boring after 3 months...but importing songs were cool. I guess. It was hit or miss, half of the songs I liked didn't make it...but hey...not as bad as...

  • Yeah, I actually bought this, oh the horror. Bought for the sole purpose of importing to GH5. Yes, kinda regretted this one. E rated (and then some) versions of songs. YOU HAVE TO CENSOR WHISKEY!? COME ON!!

  • I have no idea why I bought this. God...score another one for the hype machine.

  • Bought this because it was on sale. Haven't played it yet, I rented it and got stuck the last time though, not sure. This game didn't stick with me.

  • YOUR MUSIC MAKES THE GAME!! This was the first steam purchase I made, was a fun game, kinda neat seeing your songs turn into a downhill trek.

  • Time to split! Another random recommendation, turned into a fun addiction. I actually unlocked most of the 128 characters in here. Never could get them all. And those throwback games were awesome as well.

  • I loved the time travel related humor in this one. So glad they finally streamlined the story, instead of making it various characters. Multiplayer and arcade challenges weren't as fun though...Except when running someone over with the jeep.

  • My favorite GameStop hate story: I fully paid the money for the limited edition of this like weeks in advance. Went to gamestop, they said the truck didn't show up yet. So I was like, no big deal. I'll just chill in the arcade directly across the mall. Waited about 2 hours, went back. Oh, we're sorry. They didn't ship enough. Disappointing.

  • I bought this game because it was THERE. Just checking the shelves at GameStop like I do sometimes. Normally they have something weird that is worth purchasing, and by god, here it was. I actually never played through it. Just ended up giving it to my sister. The thrill of the hunt.

  • This was my first known encounter of GameStop's selling new games opened policy. Not a big deal, but it was weird. This game was crazy fun. An awesome tactical RPG. Unfortunately the difficulty skyrocketed near the end once you got to the alien base.

  • Yes, another tactical RPG. So damn amazing. It was so new to me, traveling to different areas, controlling them. Story was kinda meh. But hell, playable snowball fight.

  • Oh man this game was...(not sure if thats the right boxart...) anyways, yes. This was a fun game. Different partners, and you could level up in different ways. It also let you kick Apollo's ass. Damn sun god. AMAZING boss theme. I cant wait for the remake.

  • Like Legend II. But with the added bonuses of time travel (TAKE THAT CHRONO TRIGGER) and the ability to morph your part. Screw blue magic, you could BE a damn goblin. The system was weird, eat beast meat, turn into monster. Of course the other way worked to. Er...install robot parts, become a robot. By the end of the game, my whole part was a robot force. Imagine the possibilities. RoboCloud.

  • Bought this for the GBA. NEVER played it. Took it out of the box, but never played it. Laughably though, when electricity in Louisville got knocked out last winter, guess what I played? I got a good 15 hours in. Haven't played it since.

  • And here we get to the dark part of the list. All of the random PSN crap I bought. I bought pretty much EVERY game that came out for a good period of time. They only released one a month for awhile, so it wasn't a big deal. But I bought a lot of junk.

    Ironically, flOw was pretty good. I had a ton of fun with it, a weird experience. And playing the multiplayer with my brother was fun as well.

  • Bought the 5 dollar PSN version. Played it for about 10 minutes. This game has not aged well at all. Man. It's not really fun at all. And who wants to spend time trying to figure out how to do fatalities. Psh.

  • Yessss, Dan Fortesque!! I remember seeing commercials for this on Comedy Central and wanting this game bad. Rented it a bunch of times, and came close to the end of the game (Damn you 3 day rentals!) Never finished. Bought it on PSN, STILL, never finished. (First PS1 classic woo!)

  • Another 5 dollar PSN purchase. Gauntlet IV has a place in my heart because it was one of my first Genesis games. This game captured none of the magic. Red Warrior is now it? Fuck you.

  • This game was pretty addictive for the time. I totally fell for the hype. The fun didn't last long, but I only paid 15 bucks. So, eh...

  • I was the gorilla. Seeing this game in arcades, playing it like once. After buying this, it is a fun multiplayer game. At least up until I friendly killed my siblings.

  • Another PS1 classic. Classic CRAP. God this game was horrible. The aiming sucked, the courses and graphics sucked. Was not fun at ALL! You could unlock Gex the Gecko apparently. Almost redeems it.

  • Ah yes, the first gem of PSN. Had a ton of fun with this. My first venture into DSS (Dual Stick Shooters). Like fighting games, I'm not good at them, but they are fun.

  • What is a man? A miserable little pile of secrets? Not sure, never finished this game. My brother did though, so I guess it was somewhat worth it. Right?

  • Think Bubble Bobble with a chicken and a twist. I don't remember what that twist was. Meh, I think this game was cheap.

  • Yes!! This game brings back so many good memories. I'm a fan of the occasional puzzle game. And this one had street fighter. I originally thought that this was Gem Fighter. So glad I was wrong. This game made me a fan of Hsien-Ko and Darkstalkers in general.

  • It's Texas Hold Em, on the PS3. I had a bit of fun, but meh. I'm too trigger happy to play poker online. If I can't see the people, I can't treat it seriously.

  • Holy crap, never played LocoRoco, and this game pissed me off to no end. The horrid singing, the bright colors. Madness!!

  • Flail the Sixaxis like a fool while you try to pull off these badass stunts!! YEAH!! The controls were bad, and multiplayer was embarrassing. Hoo boy

  • I love this game. Loved it way more than SSHD. The music and art style was awesome. The different stages and enemies. were nice as well. Lush Look Killer (stage 3) just blew me away, the music and the on screen action just go so well together.

  • Ugh, this game. THIS...GAME. THIS...GAME? A fan favorite at my house when my siblings visit. I personally never found the joy in it. But eh. Oh right, I think I have blown about 40 bucks on DLC for this game. Shoot me.

  • See, if fun sports games could follow this model they would be so much better in my opinion. (HSG4 looking at you). Keep releasing people and stages, and eventually for 40 bucks you have a game with a ton of characters and other items. Custom soundtracks too!! Nothing like getting a strike while Dancing Mad is playing.

  • I remember renting this game back in the day, and having a lot of fun with it. So naturally if I bought it 10 years later, I would have fun with it too right? No. Dated RPG, story didn't really hook for me.

  • These Go! games (Which ironically came out before the PSPgo) are not good at all, I mean, as a puzzle game, it was simple and dull. Figures

  • Ugh, only controlled with Sixaxis at the time, horrible handling. This game was a chore. Not fun at all.

  • A weird trippy Snake game. Disco lights and weird avatars. I actually got excited for this one, but ended up playing it for about 20 minutes. So...serves me right.

  • This tower defense game was charming, and again, not very addicting. This wasn't the fault of the game though, it was due to my lack of perseverance. I didn't feel like memorizing layouts and such.

  • This game was awesome because of Captain Rainbow. Your instructor with a mohawk that looked like he was a Ginyu Force cosplayer in an earlier era. Heck yeah.

  • This was a pleasant surprise. Tekken for 20 bucks, complete with ridiculous customization. To be blunt, this is the only reason why I play Tekken now. Dress-up.

  • This game was awesome, classic HSG action to go. Crazy characters, weird courses, and IT'S PORTABLE. Not to mention I picked this up while it was on an insane sale.

  • Another digital PSP game. Unfortunately, this one wasn't as good. I mean, it had potential, and sounded really good. But in the end. It was too boring for my tastes.

  • This game was hyped a lot. And in the end...I couldn't feel it. I don't know if it was the purgatory atmosphere, or maybe the music. But it didn't hook.

    Oh, and I bought this TWICE!? Man...

  • Top down shooter, generic at best. These things aren't really my style. I blame Bomber Raid for Master System.

  • Another PixelJunk game I couldn't grasp. I had fun the first few worlds. But I never really stuck with it. Maybe I should go back to it.

  • Oh man, this game was great. Never finished it, but I definitely will, it is a great spectator game. So I'm waiting for this. Scary game, and the sightjacking from the first Siren makes it that much better.

  • Another top down shooter, I remembered playing this in an arcade back in the day. Didn't remember not enjoying it. Haha

  • I played this for 10 minutes. More money down the drain.

    I know there was a demo too...but ugh.

    This list is depressing, I have burned a lot of money.

  • I had a lot of fun with this, surprise surprise. I bought this solely because of Bladestorm. I rented it and was attracted by how awesome Joan of Arc was. So there was a tactical RPG based on her? Sold! Quite fun. And again, portable.

  • YOUR MUSIC MAKES THE GAME. My first trek down this miserable road. Quite weird. And not as addictive as I would have hoped.

  • Bought this for the classic. And...yeah. Nothing too fun. I don't know. I'll definitely go back to this after SSFIV though.

  • The PSP's answer to Advance Wars? Hey, I love Advance Wars, so this is a win right? I don't know. Didn't quite dig the realistic vibe, and the characters were dry as the desert. Not much fun to play.


    It was enough for me to buy it. Stupid, stupid fool.

  • Another game that I never played much. But my brother got all the way to Wily's castle. That impressed the hell out of me. Kudos to you Alex. You are nuts.


    Ugh, would've been better off as a Mario Party minigame.

  • My first Wipeout game, and wow, this game was stylish. Unfortunately this seems to be too much of a learning curve for me.

  • 3 bucks, and the first game I got all of the trophies in, woo hoo!!

    A neat experience though, worth the money. I don't say that much.

  • Oh hell yes. This game stole a ton of my time.

    Such a brilliant mix. RPG with Puzzling. So much to customize and do.

    It's amazing. I LOVED making combos so big the game would freeze.

  • Heck yeah, this game was awesome! Soccer...WITH CARS!! It was pretty awesome at the time. And the source of my first youtube video. I won a game in 35 seconds woooo.

    Custom soundtracks made this game what it was though.

  • It's Street Fighter II, that's all.

    Side note: Fei Long's remixed theme made me main him in SF4

  • A side scrolling shooter ala Gradius. Not as fun, but hey, I got some pretty good times out of this.

  • I played through this. It appealed to me a lot. It was base mode from MGO with Pirate ships, a pretty neat game.

  • I loved the PS2 Lumines game mainly due to the vs mode. This game didn't have it. Pretty fun game though, and it looked gorgeous.

  • A 2d online shooter, it was pretty crazy. Kinda wonky, and the balance was a bit off. But still. Kinda cool.

  • Neat puzzle game, got annoying as hell near the end though. Those last puzzles are insane. Nice concept though.

  • Breakout clone with neat graphics. And then Shatter came out two weeks later and blew it away.

    Why did they call it Magic Orbz anyway?

  • The cheap ripoff to Brain Age. And according to this game, I am quite stupid, and shouldn't eat with utensils.

  • Another tower defense game. Not really sure why I bought this.

  • This game was 15 bucks if I remember right. And I got 15 minutes out of it. Is that a fair trade off?

  • This game was beautiful. I loved the story it had. I can't really do this game justice with words. But wow.

  • WTF is this game, and why did I buy this!!?!?!

    Loved how all of the descriptions of this game were innuendo.

  • I don't even like watchmen. I bought this know. I don't know, damn.

    Worst part is, I played this game, put a half hour in, and realized I was playing the demo. I bought the unlock key, just never installed it. Goddamn.