Best of 2009

2009 was a relatively disappointing year of games for me. While yes, some fantastic games were released (and will be mentioned soon), but, unlike 2007 or 2008, there aren't really any leftover games I feel like I need to get. The ten games on the list were really the only games I really liked this year, with the exception of these honorable mentions: 

  • Torchlight: I've never played a Diablo game before, or even a game really remotely like Diablo. That's why I'm so surprised that I like this game so much. However, since I haven't quite found the time to finish up the last few floors, and its lackluster story prevent me from putting the game on the list.
  • Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride: I've always respected the Dragon Quest franchise for their fantastic art style and traditional, but solid, RPG elements. Dragon Quest V is my favorite of the series I've played so far. It has a neat party system, and really puts you in the shoes of this character as you go through his life. It also left me with one of the most difficult choices I've had to face in a game since Mass Effect. Still, last I checked, I'm only fourteen hours into the epic, and sidequested far away from the main story to the point where I'm not really sure as to where I go next, so the game is off the list.
  • Machinarium: I've only spent about an hour and a half with Machinarium, but I've really loved what I've played of it so far. Yet, as an adventure game newbie, I never really excel with the puzzle-elements of the genre. Just giving a shout-out to a game that has style in spades.
Anyways, now that those games have been mentioned, time for the real list of games I actually finished: 

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