Games I Need to beat.

I don't finish too many games, even the ones I really, really like. These are the games that I actually really like, but haven't gotten around to finishing yet. Notice how the vast majority of these games are JRPGs? 
Man, making this list has really stressed me out...

List items

  • I wanna say I got halfway through. It's a beautiful, beautiful game that has the exciting bosses and puzzles of the Zelda series without as much boredom and backtracking in dungeons.

  • Got to the last dungeon in this, the part where you have to do a bunch of sidequests and just stopped playing. I don't know why, though. I adore the game, it's beautiful, has great combat, music, and characters.

  • I actually have a good excuse for this one. I got to the final chapter on my computer, but then it honestly stopped working on my comp. I picked up the Orange Box for mah Xbox though, and played quite a bit through already. Regardless, I can pretty safely say that this is the best shooter I've ever played.

  • I got about 20 hours into this--right before a certain someone has something bad happen to them--and stopped for some reason. I actually really liked what I played of it, but the aspect of another 60 hours of it doesn't seem too appealing.

  • Similar story to FF7, except I only think I got about 10 hours into it. Love the characters, and combat, and I do recall some pretty amazing cutscenes, but there are just better ways for me to spend my time.

  • Got around a dozen hours into this one, and sidequested to get all the best gear I could for my party. In the process I forgot what I had to do, where I was going, and what I was supposed to do there. I will say, though, that choosing which bride to have is the hardest choice I've had to make in a video game. No joke.

  • This is my favorite Final Fantasy game of the ones I've played--all except 8, 10, and the MMOs--yet I'm stuck at the last dungeon. I know I have to grind in order to beat it, but I don't find the combat in this game especially enjoyable. It has some great bosses and abilities, but the random encounters are all too long, and the aspect of having to level up characters like Relm and Strago is very unappealing to me. Regardless, an amazing game with some incredible moments, music, and characters.