Good Guys that would be good Bad Guys

List items

  • And it turns out Nanako was the killer after all. I mean just look at those eyes. YOU CAN SEE THE PITS OF HELL IN THOSE EYES!

  • Just imagine playing as a bad guy without having an incredibly whiny and angsty main character.

  • He'd make a cool final boss fight, is all.

  • The trainers in the Pokemon series are always the evil ones, instead of the pokemon themselves. Well, I say screw that. Some things are just evil, and having a pikachu brutally murdering other pokemon would be awesome.

  • Imagine having kung-fu fight with Chuck Norris. Boom.

  • Lara Croft isn't a good person, unlike most of the people on this list. I just want her to be recognized as the bad person she is instead of as some sort of hero, which she sure as crap isn't.