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  • Although I don't think I understand the real scientific meaning, and whoever came up with it is insane in his own right, but before this page, I never knew why Kanji's nosebleed was supposed to be funny. Now I do. Thanks GiantBomb!

  • Do you have a fear of hamburgers? Do you have a love of hamburgers? Well, if you do or if you don't, this page will help you out.

  • Rich Gallup is an awesome guy. Therefore, his page is awesome as well. I also never knew that Rich had a fear of needles and zombies, so now I know who to leave off my zombie team.

  • While Chuck Norris has been getting more and more played out over the years, you can't ever go wrong with a good Chuck Norris joke.

  • Just look at that objects page. Da-hang.

  • Facial hair never was so cool.

  • Did you ever know that 50 Cent's real name was Curtis Jackson? Neither did I.

  • Think you hear an everyman that sounds familiar? It's probably on this page.