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The Beatles make a smooth transition to the music game genre. 0

The Beatles.  The Beatles is the greatest band of all time. It doesn't matter if you don't like them, The Beatles is straight-up the most prolific, succesful and famous band of all time. With the new rise of plastic instrument popularity, Harmonix decided to capitalize on The Beatles past--and arguably still current--fame. Even though the set list is the smallest in the Rock Band series, and the fact that even The Beatles can get stale after 5 hours of hearing Paul McCartney and John Lennon trad...

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Hey: it's still Fire Emblem 0

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon is basically a 19 year old game. It was the first Strategy Role Playing Game on consoles. It was also never released outside of Japan. As a port of the very first game in the Fire Emblem series, Shadow Dragon does a pretty dang good job of making it not seem like the very first game in the series, but the things that date it definitely take their toll.For those who don't know, Fire Emblem is a series of tactical role playing games on a grid battlefield. Battles play ou...

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Portal still remains the puzzle king. 0

Released last year in the Orange Box; Portal was an instant hit. Its humor, its magnificent puzzles and fresh gameplay were all at the very top of the puzzle genre. Portal: Still Alive isn't just a quick and dirty Xbox Live Marketplace port: it's filled with enough new puzzles and the same old charm to make revisiting the Aperture Science laboratories more than worth the price of admission.Portal: Still Alive focuses on the Portal gun, which with one shot creates your entrance and the other crea...

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Great intent, poor execution. 0

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is a hard game to review. In the end I guess it just comes down to it not being a very fun game at most parts, but it definitely could be loved by a major D 'n' D fanatic. Oblivion is really a game with a few 3 great strengths. One is the customizability in the game which is really outstanding. You can make your character any way you want him/her and you have a variety of options to choose from. It's second strength is in it's graphics. The game was really the firs...

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A breath of fresh air in every sense. 0

The World Ends With You is an incredible game. It is in fact the best JRPG in a long, long, long time. The World Ends With You is a fantastic RPG because it manages to deliver a catchy soundtrack, beautiful visuals, masterfully stylish presentation, fresh combat and an incredible story.The World Ends With You puts you in control of Neku, an emo kid that follows many emo philosophies. He is suddenly cast into a game where he must complete a challenge given to him. The story follows along giving y...

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