RAGE QUITTING! your stories

Bad case of Rage quit against my flatmate in MVC3 resulting in me throwing my controller at the floor storming outside in a fit of frustration and walking straight into a Policeman.... explaining to a cop why I was pissed off at my flatmate about a game who thought I was having a domestic....*awkward much?*

this just happened..I kinda feel like a tool, help me feel better by telling your Rage Quit stories


On the Simpsons actually ending

The simpsons might actually be ending soon, if not this year then next, crazy to think it might actually happen, of course they really haven't been good for the last what...5-6 years? probably longer, When they started Futurama the quality of the show gradually declined and it became more about preserving the cashcow than producing an amazing cartoon. at least we'll have the thousands of re-runs that'l be inevitable right?

I'll leave you with one of the best songs they made, au revoir Simpsons


"party central" "GBDAX"


i am fucking sloshed, mates 23rd I bought a 750ML bottle of Jack,, and I'm the onkly cunt who drunk it, and I made sure it was finished, we went to town in a van. 
"Party central" no shit thast's what they are fucking calling it, otherwise knowin as the Viaduct, otherwise knowen as a posh way of saying "the warf" was actually pretty good, I thought it was going to be shite but Auyckland actually pulled it off,  
which, in of itslef is amazing considering the massive clusterfuck our public transport is,  
if you guy's heard, probably not, that our P T went to fuck qwhen it was needed most, (WE have one train line runing threough orcland, 1 uno, not dos, fucking uno) so yeah, we had around 200 -250 thousand people at our viaduct on the opening ceromony to the world cup, and they expected the 1 fuxcking train sysetme to take care of it all...hah 
anyway moving on 
went out tonight for my mates 23rd and went to the slug/"Cloud? and apart from me having to wait 5 minutes cause i was slightly pissed and they wanted to make sure I wasn't gonna cause trouble we went in, it was good enough, stayed there until they stopped serving drinks, then we walked up Queens st had some BK and went to a club, which was slightly shithouse, then we went to a good little pub, (Smallest pub in auckland) called the fiddler, and stayed there ubnitl 3:30 am, just got back im fucked anyway apart from a pash from a french chick got nothing tonight but I am more than fucked so hell thats good enough. 
\fuck your shit, your shits fucked


Forza 4's going to have car soccer

so...Forza 4's Multiplayer is going to have an equivalent of Top Gear's Car soccer.... 

fuck you turn 10 I now have to give microsoft more money for another goddamn xbox