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2010: The Video Game Experiment

4 months ago breadfan made a thread, this is my obligation, 

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  • Thoughts before playing: I was intrigued straight away, I thoroughly enjoyed Fahrenheit Quantic Dreams earlier outing and looked forward to what I thought would be an open ended character thriller, I had really high expectations, could it live up to the hype?


    Thoughts after finishing the game: 2 months on I am disappointed, I haven't touched it after I beat it, I tried some other scenarios and looked up the other endings on youtube, but it wasn't what I expected, was it the Hype machine turning ever so wild? I don't know, What I expected was for it to be a choice matters type game, and although the game did through choices at you, and sometimes lives depending on the actions you choose, there are only three or four major turns that the player can change, and that's a shame, also, although it's a big reveal, the killers identity twist is what I feel as a cop-out, I think it would have suited the story better and added replayability to it if the killer could fluctuate as you play the game, thus adding real replayability other than the various endings that the four main characters can get, plus, once you get the 'good' ending anything other is just depressing.

  • Thoughts before playing: Dude, it's GOW3 how can it not turn out good?...


    Thoughts after finishing the game: To be honest, kind of disappointed in this one as well, Sure it had great graphics and the gameplay retained what made it great and improved on some aspects, but it just didn't it just didn't... didn't fit well, I don't know how to explain it, Looking back, GOW1 still remains as one of the most exiting PS2 games that I have played, and we all know that GOW2 was the PS2's swan song, and 3 did not have the same effect on me, I am not saying that the game didn't have the HOLY SHIT! moments, it did, but as a overall package I felt let down.

  • Thoughts before playing: Bioshock, this is the game that I rented a 360 for (after mine bricked) and I played that from start to finish with one sleep n the middle, absolutely loved the first game, and what a twist, to say the least I was looking forward to this game.


    Thoughts after finishing the game: I enjoyed my play-through of Bio 2, poet and I know it, Gameplay is tight, story is so-so, did not have the same effect but how could it? I loved going back to rapture, and it showed the doubters that although it is a cash-in it's a well made cash-in that made it's presence known, looking forward to a third.

  • Thoughts before playing: R*, Open world, Wild west, sounds good to me,


    Thoughts after finishing the game: Playstation has bricked haven't finished it yet...

  • Thoughts before playing: COME OUT! Fucking come out already!

  • Thoughts before playing: Intrigued, really liked the first one, digged the setting, Love the Genre, Event Horizon is a wicked movie, and it's great that that genre is getting a resurgence.

  • Thoughts before playing: Zombies, need any more information?

  • Thoughts before playing: Looks decent, Loving the tid-bits we have so far.

  • Thoughts before playing: I am really looking forward to getting my hands on this one, From what I've seen it looks like a very interesting RTS, sign me up for that.

  • Thoughts before playing: ONE MORE TURN MO-FO!