Is it just me or is this game stupidly hard? (Spoilers)

So, I went into UC3 thinking I should start it on the hard difficulty since I had already beaten UC2 on hard. Biggest fucking mistake.

There have been a multiple times where I've died over and over and over (I think my death count is almost at 200, and I haven't finished yet).

The worst part was the big room at the beginning of the ship level when you're supposed to sneak past, but I couldn't, so I activated the 20 waves of enemies. Then there is the part with the fire guys that teleport, the sandstorm part, and many horde-like areas in between. If I knew this game would be this unfair on hard, then I would've switched to normal a long time ago, but now I'm on chapter 22 and I've gone that far, so I've got to finish.

So, am I the only person who has a frustrating time with UC3 on hard difficulty, or do I just suck?