My thoughts on DLC and buying Alan Wakes first one twice. DAMN.

So with the first Alan Wake DLC releasing yesterday, I thought it would be nice to share my thoughts about DLC with you, the nice people of So I played through said DLC in about an 1-1:30 hours and for $7 it was pretty good and I felt that it was a good purchase. Especially since I got the game for free with a Gamestop buy two used get 1 free deal. The Shitty thing for me though was that I guess I bought it twice. I went to download it and it was taking longer than normal, so I backed out and tried again. The second time it went faster and then I checked my MS points and was missing 560 points, so I bought it twice, and the DLC maybe wasn't worth it for $14, but for $7.
Anyway, DLC is something that I sometimes like, and sometimes don't, at all. Some of the shit DLC that comes out, especially from EA, makes no sense and is way overpriced. EA's Skate 3 has had some of the most ridiculous DLC Ive ever seen. 400 MS points to play Skate 3 at night, or to get everything unlocked for over 400 MS points (dont remember actual price). The night one should be a patch or should have been in the game from the beginning and why would you want to unlock everything? I personally think that the game got boring after I beat everything and got everything. Same with BFBC2 with its unlock everything for specific classes. The best thing about online shooters with rank systems is to rank up and unlock everything, and keeps you going, and thats why COD has prestige. Another game with bad DLC is Assassins Creed 2.  So they took out 2 sequences, which in the game stated them as glitches, just to release DLC. Thats such bullshit. 
Some games though, have very good DLC. Valve for one with their L4D DLCs. The survival DLC for L4D1 was free, but if it was from EA it would have been $100 or something crazy like that. Fallout 3 has good DLC that have good amounts of content for each, especially with Broken Steel. Anther one is Borderlands, except for Mad Moxxi, which I think everyone has agreed on about it sucking. Multiplayer shooters usually have good DLC with maps, especially BFBC2 (kinda, because its free, but only the same maps on different game modes), but MW2's $15 map packs are stupid.
 There are more games with DLC that have bad DLCs (Street Fighter, MNR, ect.) and games with good DLC's (Rock Band especially, LBP, Uncharted 2, ect.) but you have probably already fallen asleep from this stupid blog. 
 Have a good night and go buy the Alan Wake DLC, just don't do it twice. DAMN YOU MICROSOFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!