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Gaming ninja that are actually stealthy

A rare breed indeed.

List items

  • The original STEALTHY ninja badass. Accept no substitutes. Except Goh from Shinobido, you can accept him. Shinobido was the real Tenchu 3.

  • And his snarky sidekick.

  • Possibly the most badass stealthy gaming ninja of all time?

  • Grand Master of the Stealth Assassins

  • Eternal demonic ninja.

  • The BIG BOSS of gaming ninja

  • Everyone's favorite Rikimaru clone. Created by Acquire when Tenchu was taken away from them.

  • Stealthy ninja beauty


  • Acquire returned with Tenchu 4 and introduced us to yet another stealthy kunoichi villainess with big boobs. Good guy kunoichi can only have moderate size boobs apparently. Perhaps they think the average female player will "relate" to that more. Are they trying to make us hate large breasts? Do they represent sinful desire? Am I overthinking it?

  • Like Goh only... he wears silky red scarves?

  • Sure he wasn't the first cyborg ninja, but he was the first STEALTHY cyborg ninja. He was a playable character with wall hugs in VR Missions. Too bad it was well after Tenchu's release.

  • Gray Fox wannabe.

  • She was a stealthy power-suit ninja for 5 seconds

  • Klei didn't even bother coming up with a name for this guy.

  • A generic kunoichi partner is a requirement in the stealth ninja genre at this point.

  • Ayame clone with huge boobs

  • Ayame clone with no boobs