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Strider logo looks exactly like a tekken logo

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Top 10 PS2 Games

Totally stealing this idea from Sanj, but he did it for multiple systems, and i just plan on doing it for the PS2 as it was my favorite system 
i will start with 10th best as my first item and work it down to my most favorite

List items

  • I miss the good old days when Soul Calibur was awesome. It was a very balanced fighter and a lot of fun to play, as well as one that anyone could get into

  • Best game in the series by far. i had so much fun playing this game with friends and family as well as by myself, with several game modes that were all great fun and so many things to do to reach full completion

  • What a wonderful game. second favorite video game franchise ever. it had me at the tutorial video

  • i spent many hours on this game, made my characters totally awesome, and cried at the end of the story. only game that ever made me cry, and only FF game i ever played. i think im afraid to play the other ones

  • While i only played bits and pieces of it at a friend's house, watching the endurance run of this game was enough to know how amazing this game is. i'm sure you agree

  • This game is a masterpiece. the most beautiful video game i've ever seen (yes that includes current gen) and everything about the gameplay was fantastic. why waste time killing small trivial enemies (other than lizards of course) when you could just go fight a bunch of HUGE...THINGS?

  • Another absolutely beautiful game. a great story and very fun combat. however, my favorite memory of this game is seeing children spread Nazi propaganda by drawing swastikas on the city streets. if you know what i'm talking about, you are awesome. if you saw the same thing, we should totally hit each other up

  • The second Katamari was a delightful improvement from the first, and remains the best in the series in my opinion. i wish the Prince were real so he could roll my skinny ass around town to make me the most powerful sumo wrestler in the world

  • This was such a relief after Tekken 4 had failed to live up to its name, and #5 did a great job in bringing back some old characters and making Tekken a top fighting game again, with arcade versions of the first 3 Tekkens included even

  • A timeless Tekken game. a unique experience for Tekken that worked very well, and any Tekken fan can always find reason to play this one again, no matter where the series is at now