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Favorite Protagonists

Some characters in video games just leave an impression that is stronger than the rest, they make us look bck at their games and not just think about the gameplay but a little deeper. I want to collect my favorites here for you guys to see.

List items

  • I love Film Noir, and Max Payne's life is a tragic one that makes him interesting and sympathetic enough to love.

  • Phoenix Wright has more awesomeness than any real lawyer ever could. With his wit, charm and ability to see dead people to help him solve cases, Mr Wright makes sure that who ever is guilty gets charged and whoever is innocent gets off the hook.

  • Specifically Nolan North's Prince, I just love the banter-filled prince so much :P

  • What can I say? He's a boy with an abusive step father and a slut for a mom, that gets thrown into the jungle that is Bullworth Academy, and even though he remains an asshole, he's much less so than anyone else at the school

  • Raz is one of the most lovable characters ever in a video game. Because although he has a lot of power he still doesn't let it go to his head. He is humble, always out to help people and has a sense of humor that most game characters lack.

  • Nathan Drake is one of the most (if not the most) charming Indiana Jones wannabes in the video game world. Voiced by Nolan North and with a script written by Naughty Dog (the people that made Daxter funny as well) Nate's colorful peronality makes the tropical island he is stuck on look pale in comparison.

  • Even though he doesn't really say a lot in the games, Donatello makes the list based on his personality from the show and live action movies. i can't help it, I love Donatello more than even Michelangelo can have a chance to compete with

  • How Big Boss turns bad is one of the most interesting plots in video game history and seeing his trek through Russian wilderness in MGS 3 is the best in the series. Following Naked Snake as he tries to uncover the truth behind his mentors defection whilst hindering the cold world from going hot makes this game and especially this character completely awesome.

  • Solid Snake was made for battle, litterally. Cloned from the genes of Big Boss, Snake's only purpose is to cause death on the battlefield. Although he doesn't deny or try to change this, Snake still manages to become a very likeable guy, if only because you feel sorry for him.

  • Completely messed up, laverne makes this list simply for breaking the fourth wall, just to point out to anyone playing her game that "where she comes from, people that put hamsters in the microwave get sent away"

  • The entire cast of Maniac Mansion 2 are going to be on this list!:P

  • A headbanger that gets sent back to the founding of our country only to become friends with George Washington? Hell yeah!

  • You just got to love this guy and his depressing attitude

  • OK, so Max is technically a funnier character, but since he's a psychotic bunny I can't really put him on the "protagonist"-list.

  • Samus almost never speaks in her games, but in the biggest eception Metroid Fusion, Samus through text explains about her past. She tells us about her upbringing and training at the academy, and technically since its the last Metroid game chronologically, maybe Samus will be more talkative in her future endevors?

  • Ryo was never a very charming fellow, most probably because of the Dreamcast's technical limitations raher than his whiny "my father's dead"-thing. Too bad we'll never find out what would have happenend to Ryo at the end of the series