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Most Cinematic games of all time.

These are the most cinematic video games of all time. Today's games might be more cinematic but they owe a lot to these titles. Enjoy.

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  • Heavy Rain is an absolute Cinematic Juggernaut. Heavy Rain is one of THE most cinematic game of all time! You are carpenter gone depressed Ethan Mars who must find the Oragami killer who kidnapped your son. You and a bunch of other detectives must save you throughout branching paths and choices.

    Heavy Rain is a interactive drama movie. Better than anything you can find on the Sega CD and 3DO.

    Heavy Rain has cinematic flair unlike any other game. There are fixed camera angles, scripted events, cutscenes, with quicktime events and timed context icons.

    The score is astonishing. A bit cheesy at times.

    Heavy Rain's graphics are stunning. You see nearly every microexpression in the character's face it's almost uncanny. There is nothing like it.

  • Beyond Two Souls is exists in the a shadow of Heavy Rain but none the less improves on many of HR's misteps.

    You play as Juno. A girl with mind powers. She must can use telekinesis and read minds. She becomes an FBI member all to know the truth of her mother and family.

    The graphics unlike Heavy Rain are absolutely perfect by every measure. They have digitized Ellen Page in the game and she is just phenomenal. BTS improves on all the bad cinematography, non-kinetic animation, and janky gameplay elements that where in HR.

  • Uncharted is a very cinematic action adventure third person shooter. Play as Nathan Drake. An excavator who wants to find a McGuffin and stuff.

    With stellar detailed 3D animated graphics, quipping characters, scripted events, chase sequences, set pieces, well shot cutscenes, QTE's, insane camera angles, you'd probably feel like you're in a Hollywood film.

  • Uncharted walked in the foot steps of Tomb Raider and Tomb Raider climbed in the handprints of Uncharted.

    Tomb Raider's reboot leads you on the daring journey of a new Lara Croft. Lara is abandoned on the island of Yamatai and must get back to America with a signal. But other bad guys are in her way What shall she do?

    TR13 has moments where you feel like you're in a movie. The camera just know's what's it's doing. It moves and pans, slow mo, tons of scripted set pieces, beautiful cutscenes, and many other things. Tomb Raider feels like you're in a big Hollywood movie.

  • Mass Effect makes it on to this list as the games are highly cinematic. With it's amazing sci-fi atmosphere, epic scope, story, and dialogue scenes, Mass Effect earns it's place on the list as the most cinematic game franchise of all time.

  • Final Fantasy X gives the series a voice. The same camera angles as before but real time graphics. You play as the athlete Tidus who goes to the future and must get back in time by defeating the evil dad of his.

  • War, Romance, Magic, action, adventure, Welcome to the world of Final Fantasy 8.

    Final Fantasy 8 improved on all the things that FF7 did. FF7 has luscious prerendered CG backdrops, realtime over prerendered movies, a sweeping score, amazing summons, and that intro. Play this on a Sony CRT and you'll fall in love

  • Resident Evil is lovely. The remake is even more lovely. The fixed backdrops make a tense experience, the haunting music, the cutscenes, set piece, atmosphere, make you feel like you are there.

  • From slashing through Greco mythology with the blade of Chaos to Axing Norse treats. God of War is the most cinematic franchise of all time. Play as Kratos, wanting revenge on the Gods and his father Zeus. None Shall defy him!

    Kratos runs through stunning Greek Hellscapes as the camera follows him ripping apart Manticores and Hydras with brute strength and Quicktime events. Marvel at bosses he slays. The Gods he destroys. Cinematic set pieces with sweeping scores!

    The Reboot reincarnates him as a Norse myth where it's more subtle. A coming of age story where he walks through the land with the boy. This is the ultimate anti-thesis to GOW original. You get third person over the should beat em up gameplay, slow walking segments to take in the mood and the emotion, the boy and you talk and walk with each other.

  • Often considered being just a movie with stealth elements. The Metal Gear Solid Franchise is full of deep complex stories and cinematic cutscenes and gameplay to keep anyone hooked.

  • DRAGONS LAIR! Play as Duke the Daring who must save the Princess Daphne from the evil dragon.

    Dragons Lair is not much of a game but it Pioneered Quick time events amongst other things.

  • Parasite Eve 2 did the same thing as Parasite Eve 1 but better. PE2 is amazing. Giving you camera angles, tense terrors, video on real time backdrops

    It's Final Fantasy meets Resident Evil but more!

  • BioForge is amazing! It's basically an interactive James Cameron movie. The camera angles, NPCs, enemies, sci-fi atmosphere, animation, synth OST is just amazing.

  • Prince of Persia may have invented the cinematic platformer but Flashback codified it. With an amazing story about amnesia, realistic animation, 2D FMV cutscenes on every platform, Flashback is an interactive cartoon for the big boys!

  • This was a touch choice between the original and the remake but FF7R does so many things aesthetically right that it's perfect.

  • Alone in the Dark as a franchise started the 3D survival horror genre. Not the 2D one. ATID has tense camera angles and fighting.

    The reboot made the graphics gritty and realistic which for PS1 look mostly terrible.

    But the GBC port is basically an interactive cartoon

  • FF7 is amazing. It has crazy good backgrounds and video backdrops. An amazing OST unstoppable. If it wasn't for it's little chibi models though.

  • Half-Life Alyx is the most cinematic FPS and game in the franchise because there are no cutscenes, the world is cutscenes, the way Ms Vance moves her head with the VR and the gun is so realistic and cinematic at times.

  • Get your Stahz Vektan Soldier. Prepare to fight off Helgan Scum! KZ2 fixes everything the original did bad.

    Motion blur, insane detail, muzzle flash brings the grim dystopia of Killzone 2 to life!

  • Minus the motion blur the PS Move makes it all the more movie like.