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Most immersive games

Games that send you to different galaxies!

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  • Half Life is the most immersive games of all time. You play as Dr.Gordon Freeman who must escape Black Mesa after causing a resonance cascade!

    There are no cutscenes, just scripted events to push the story, completely first person, the environments and AI are interactive, the levels are well thought out, experiencing the story is like reading a book. Chapter by chapter.

  • Gordon Freeman returns to a Fascistic Combine infested Earth. Half-Life 2 does the same thing but better with more physics.

  • Unreal is a beautiful and immersive game. As the name suggests Unreal is the first game to run on Unreal Engine. You are a lone prisoner who escaped Vortex Rikers marooned on a planet run by the evil Skaarj to take over the Nali life forms.

    There are no cutscenes. There are scripted events that tell the story as well as notes. The atmosphere is stupidly dense. The sound system is good to! The levels are insane to.

  • Half-Life Alyx is the small minority of VR games that are actually immersive.

  • Dead Space is in much in the vain of System Shock 2 and Resident Evil 4. Dead Space did things I thought games could never do before. You play as Isaac Clark who has to investigate a space station run by a cult. The atmosphere is insanely dense and dark, manipulate physics, the story is told by scripted events, set pieces, and audio logs. There are NO cutscenes.

  • RE4 has a dense atmosphere that gets better and better as you play. B-tier plot. Indie movie level of subtly and pacing.

    -Amazing sound system

    -Malaise atmosphere.

    -Intelligent AI

  • System Shock 2 does many things better than any other Shock game.

    Probably the most scary game of all time. The player can hack, shoot or many any choice they want. Intense RPG elements. The game has little cutscenes but scripted events and audio logs to keep the pacing go along as well as set pieces.

  • Portal will immerse you in it's puzzles and physics! As well as it's story full of wit and charm.

    Most say it's better than Half-Life!

  • The Climb is the most immersive VR game Next to Half-Life Alyx. You have 2 hands and you try to climb. You really feel it. It's pretty good. If you fall you feel like you fall!

  • The entire Myst Franchise is so immersive you wish you where there! You are thrusted into a beautiful world that is long gone. You must revive the said world by solving puzzles.

  • Bioshock games are very powerful FPS/RPG experiences much like Half-Life and System Shock. No cutscenes. Turning off the vita chambers makes it so uncomfortably intense!

  • STALKER is an FPS/RPG franchise taking place in a nuclear Eurasian territory. The games are mostly first person. They are very realistic and you talk to people. You feel truly abandoned and depressed in this corroded land. Weather effects to.

  • Area 51 is getting attacked by the Aliens it has unleashed and turning soldiers into soldier slaves. Now it's up to the STARRS to kill the Aliens.

    Area 51 is completely First person with FMV sprites and detailed FMV video that looks more realistic than most any Arcade games I've ever seen. The soundtrack is tense and powerful.

  • Immerse yourself in Skyrim. A dynamic open world where anything is possible. You are Dragonborn, who will bring peace to Skyrim.

    Skyrim is a snowy world filled with NPCs who will ask of you of anything and get you relationships.

  • Fallout New Vegas is immersive. You can literally do anything and be the guy. Surpasses FO3 in many aspects.

  • You are learning to be a pilot in a realistic plane.

  • Immerse yourself in Jurassic park as you play as Anne who crash landed and must escape.

    The entire game is in first person with set peices narrotated by Richard Attenborough.

    Realistic physics, large enviroments and AI fill this guilty pleasure.

  • Killzone 2 is insane. Your guns are heavy, the atmosphere is war torn and beautiful, motion blur, insane lighting effects, brooding intense orchestra, blood! Killzone has it!

  • One of the first VR arcade machine games and you really feel like you are there.

  • Area 51 but with terrorists.