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Im an attention whore

So i posted 2 reasonably productive posts and no one responded. I posted a troll "cool story, bro" topic and all i got was some haterade. so what gives, Im new to this site and is that what you all are about? oh well, probably get some hate for this too.  
people call me an attention whore in real life too so its cool. but im not, im really actually shy! 


Forza 3

So i was playing forza 3 the other day. I was in a cat and mouse room. I asked all the people in there if they wanted to try some new things. None of them knew what I was talking about. So i had to explain to them that you can create your own rooms and have custom games to basically do whatever you want. Then when i created the room and trying to make the game I realized that I needed a guide to the custom private rooms. So that is my next project after I s rank it. I will create a spreadsheet or something to define all the options of the multiplayer types. a lot of work so if anyone wants to help i would appreciate it.  Should be cool thought for people to create private rooms and just have them for people to join. of course not public but maybe since i am friends with all the people here we could have a impromptu game night or day without haveing to committ to a cedrtain time. unless there is other ideas out there?


Real Blog

Ok so now that I have real people following me I should write something for real. I work for the census and I dont understand why people wont do it. They say I dont want to participate. But we are just counting people. we are not politicians. anyways i am just tired of these people beating me up over asking for their name and age, and race, is all for figuring out who lives in the US now. well, thats it.


blkj team drift forza3

So i was just in a random public rwd drift hopper and these two guys with blkj  in frint of their names came in the  hopper. so they offered to give me a tryout..  we did some fujimi downhill runs, then some tandem runs. They said I was good but needed some more  work. anyways im pretty proud of myself after that encounter. Those guys were cool
Has anyone else had this exprience ? wasnt it cool


another day!

If you follow someone on twitter and they are famous, are you a stalker? if they respond to your tweet are you in their entourage? I dont know but in this new days its cool to follow someoone like dane cook and read his tweets from him not a assisstant, and jim carrey too, i mean they aint gonna hire someone to tweet for them are they? I dont thinks so, thats really easy to do themselves, plus it is a creative outlet that is instant and interesting too. for exampole, the guy that basically did the movie ferris bueller through tweets. I like that, i think im goonna do buckaroo banzai through tweets, just have to set up all the accounts first, ill let you know!

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