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Quest guilt

I wish i had quest guilt because im addicted to them and cant stop i need another intervention.  And NO ONE gives you the answers? is this some weird GB pride, Well, screw it im giving them all up right now.  Actually you know what? i had to bust my ass to get them so screw you.


Video game guilt

So today im trying to  get the final ach for forza 3 that i need. Its the all gold medals in every race in career mode. So im putting it on hire driver for that. actually hes driving for me as I write this! I feel guilty. Why? IDK. I guess I should be doing it myself and not for some dumb ach but its so addicting. The ach suck you in and get you hooked with little ones like "first weekend event" and "1000 drift points in one drift" then you get progessisvly more involved until before you know it your running the entire event list on AI to get the ACH like a crack whore. someone send an interventionist. i need help. there, i admitted it.

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