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Forza 3

So i was playing forza 3 the other day. I was in a cat and mouse room. I asked all the people in there if they wanted to try some new things. None of them knew what I was talking about. So i had to explain to them that you can create your own rooms and have custom games to basically do whatever you want. Then when i created the room and trying to make the game I realized that I needed a guide to the custom private rooms. So that is my next project after I s rank it. I will create a spreadsheet or something to define all the options of the multiplayer types. a lot of work so if anyone wants to help i would appreciate it.  Should be cool thought for people to create private rooms and just have them for people to join. of course not public but maybe since i am friends with all the people here we could have a impromptu game night or day without haveing to committ to a cedrtain time. unless there is other ideas out there?