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The Doc


Hi Im a doctor. Doctor Jagloom. Just call me the doc though. It’s a lot easier to remember and pronounce. I work in hormone science. Yes it is really exciting. We deal with AGH adult hormone deficiency. And all the other hormonally imbalanced patients. We use estrogen and testosterone liberally. And sometimes not in the way god intended. Well I am also living in the suburbs with my wife and our three children. We have a good life and it is relatively easy. We are your typical family, on the go and very busy. My work has me working long hours, being that we are on the cusp of new research and making discoveries that are state of the art. Some would say even avant-garde. The kids all have different practices of some sort, as this is what is expected when you attain our state of wealth. Currently I am working on a new hormone replacement procedure for men. It is complex but I will try to explain it for you. This might get boring but I will try to spice it up the best that I can.