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Hell no!

Also I'll believe it when I see it.

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Nice, God Hand's one of my favorites! However, it definitely doesn't teach you well and completely kicked my ass the first time through. If you find yourself in a tough spot some time and need a hand then thesevideos are my suggestion! Also my scrub tactics of using the Yes Man Kablaam you get behind Elvis' chair to earn a good bit of bonus God Hand meter on a stunned enemy. Cancelling the long animation with a dodge after you hit them means you can get 'em two times before going in for a pummel. That extra meter saved my ass many times.

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Personally I've just beaten the story in Super Mario Odyssey. It's a wonderful game, playing it feels like pumping happiness right into my veins. There are reasonable arguments for why it's not as legendary as something like 64 or Galaxy, but that's not my opinion. The possession mechanic and the redone moveset for Mario are both stellar, the level design is top notch and hides secrets around every nook and cranny, the music is as good as it's ever been with an especially fantastic vocal track for New Donk City, and the animations and all the odd art styles are the icing on the cake. I don't really think Odyssey has got any competitors besides older Mario games anyway, and it's been almost a decade since Galaxy 2 now.

I'm very happy to play such a good Mario game again. It strikes that perfect balance between giving me something new I didn't know I wanted as well as all the classic stuff that defines the series. For instance, tired old settings like the desert or a forest are given fun makeovers as a Mexico/Egypt mix under assault from a glacier and a Nier Automata-like robot greenhouse, respectively. Odyssey also frames this journey better than many games. Bowser's kidnapped Peach again, naturally, and I guess it was always sort of the idea that he did that to marry her. But this time around he's actually dressed for the occasion and is traveling all around the world gathering stuff for the prettiest wedding. So you're always following him from tourist destination to tourist destination, trying to put a stop to the marriage before the ceremony can conclude. It's not the best version of this old Popeye/Bluto/Olivia story, that's the Super Mario World manga. But it's the best I've seen it in a game.

Bringing Pauline back from Donkey Kong is one thing. It's another thing entirely to make her the mayor of a city of realistically rendered, stereotypically portrayed New Yorkers. So much of the game feels like it was designed around people asking each other "Wouldn't it be fun if x?"

"Wouldn't it be fun if you were racing away on a bike from a T-Rex trying to eat you?"

"Wouldn't it be fun if you possessed a slab of meat and wriggled around to attract a hungry bird?"

"Wouldn't it be fun if you could turn into a leek and fight aliens?"

And it is fun. Amazing game.

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World Warrior, definitely. It's just what I played on SNES. While the gameplay and visuals in many ways dramatically improved, I can't really appreciate those versions as much as the one I played. Especially when they started messing up the default costume colors and stages.

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Overcooked is a solid suggestion. I've also had success with playing through Donut County, passing the controller for each stage. It's hardly co-op, but it's simple, the levels are short, it's under two hours long and it's pretty funny.

Guardian of Light is also a good co-op game.

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Finished Deadlocked today, closing the book on the PS2 Ratchet games. It's not a overwhelmingly awesome game, but I had a good time. Really good music, I think the setting enabled them to make something a bit more "cheesy" than they normally do. I love the victory theme.

Played through it on the hardest default difficulty. This was the first time they'd even let you choose one, and I beat 1-3 earlier this spring, so I just turned it up to max to see how I held up. This is still Ratchet & Clank, though. Your weapons level up and you keep gaining cash regardless of death, so even though I had a hard time especially early on, by the end it wasn't too difficult to complete.

Edit: Oh yeah, and I beat Devil May Cry 5 (on devil hunter). Absolutely phenomenal game. Zero question that it's the best game in the series as far as I'm concerned, and it's quite possibly the best brawler overall. I've spent time in Bloody Palace and I keep hitting a wall around Artemis. Probably gotta raise my own level by playing on a harder difficulty before I can make it much higher.

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Bought Devil May Cry 5 a couple of days ago, and it's been fantastic. I'm not the biggest fan of DMC, it's a pretty uneven series and I couldn't really get into the games for various reasons. I'm more of a Bayonetta/Metal Gear Rising Revengeance/God Hand kinda guy when it comes to the brawlers I prefer.

But boy is this game just knocking it out of the park. It feels like a ten year old reunion party to the series in terms of all the fanservice aspects. But it's also got an entirely new kinda gameplay going on with V's puppet character shenanigans, a new system with the robot arms for Nero and a ton of new moves for Dante. I could take or leave the realistic faces, and overall the game is maybe a bit too desaturated for me, mostly consisting of demon-infested city rubble. Reminded me a lot of Nightshade of all things.

But what city rubble. It looks beautiful, with some awesome lighting and details on it. It goes a long way to making the game feel like it's taking place in a real location while still keeping the gameplay all responsive and gamey. Speaking of improvements on those older games, there's now a lot of quality of life improvements in terms of replaying secret missions and the like. Unlike the reboot, it's got a lightheartedness to its cast and characters I enjoy, and a fondness for the wacky. I especially like Nico and her loony tunes physics car. The stages now feel like proper stages - like "mission" is just a synonym for "stage" now, rather than the old games where you had this open environment and just got a mission screen whenever. They don't involve a lot of crappy platforming or dice games this time. There's been more bosses in the first 10 stages than in all of DMC4, and I've enjoyed a majority of them.

It's been a while since I had a big character action party. The new God of War kinda pissed me off, DmC was both pretty shallow and had all these characters I couldn't stand, and Bayonetta 2 is exclusive to systems I don't have. It's been a good six years since Revengeance alone, you know. Over a decade since DMC4, and almost as long since Bayonetta 1. I was starved for a good one of these. And I'm super happy that Devil May Cry 5 isn't just a solid game, but by far the one in the series I've had the most fun with. Feels like they took everything good about those games, kept it in, and polished it all until it shined. I'm still only halfway through, so I reserve the right to change my mind if I now have to replay the whole thing backwards again like in 4. But as of right now, I love it.

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That's great to hear. I hope their success with this will inspire more people to greenlight and develop these sorts of games, it's been a drought.

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I love me some Dragon's Dogma, but I don't think you can base an anime on that story, build it with cheap-lookin anime television series CG, and then call it a day. You're not gonna have something wortwhile. DD is essentially a beat 'em up in open world action RPG clothing, and what counts as plot for most of that game is just a cult trying to revive a buncha monsters 'cause they're evil.

I'd be happy to be proven wrong with a healthy helping of J-rock, frightening night exploration scenes and dragon fights however. At least now anime fans will also get to see how that ending goes.

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@sweetz:That's frustrating, you want these things to end up being pure improvements without any caveats.

@justin258: A Crack In Time is the one I'm looking the most forward to, so I'll probably blast my way through the future games at some point - even if I end up skipping Deadlocked for the moment in the hopes of some better verison coming along. I could see Up Your Arsenal being the one I replay the most, too. That bolt multiplier they added to NG+ is a super smart addition.

@otacon: Thanks mate! You should find time for 3 some day, they're still fun.

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Having beaten all the Spider-Man DLC , I'd call it alright. It's three episodes telling their own story arcs that take, I'd say, 8-10 hours depending on how much open world side activities you wanna indulge in. If you just mainline it and do nothing else, Each episode is maybe a little more than a couple of hours.

The story is pretty decent, it's got two boss fights, and a couple pretty tough new mooks. The cutscenes aren't skimped on, but you're not gonna get any Main Story stuff in here. It's a side story with some minor players going through the biggest changes.

They haven't changed up your abilities much. You don't get any new gadgets or new moves or anything like that, and the sidequests are still you going somewhere and punching some dudes, or going somewhere and picking something up. The stories for a couple of them are interesting, but nothing vital. Screwball is in charge of the challenges this time around, so I couldn't abandon them fast enough.

Personally, I think the gameplay is kinda too shallow to go back to. After I was done with Spider-Man I was very hungry for more, but after the DLCs I think they gotta do something serious to keep me interested in anything besides the story. Feel like I'm just stuck doing the same stuff over and over again.

I think how worthwhile it is depends on how you feel about some more of the same game.