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Miss Kobayashi's Maid Dragon, one of my top 5 favorite anime of all time is getting a 2nd season and I couldn't be happier. The biggest trajedy is there were never any Nendoroids/Figma of Tohru...

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I picked up the Ratchet & Clank HD collection on Playstation 3, and have been playing through the first one. It's been great fun. Besides playing Ratchet 3 with my brother/watching him play through it back when it came out, an experience I barely remember, I've never really played these games before. Ratchet 1 is a really good game. It looks beautiful for the ps2, it controls well if primitively once you gotta rely on auto-aim, the characters are all animated and the dialogue is snappy and funny. The levels are less collectathons and more separate paths leading you through gauntlets of enemy fights and platforming. It's definitely got its own thing going on.

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Still my favorite piece of content on the site. Not to throw shade, there's been a lot of good videos throughout the years, but Vinny and Jeff playing through Persona 4 was just perfect. Best commentary team, one of the best games ever made, and one which lended itself perfectly to their jokes. Back when I first found Giant Bomb, these videos weren't the first I watched, but they were the ones that made me stick around. I appreciated your Best Of back then and I'm glad you had some more in the chamber for the anniversary! Great job on all accounts.

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Awesome work duder! Though calling something "clips that didn't make it to the Best Of" a "Best Of" is interesting :).

"Some of"

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Robot Hunter. Done.

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I think it was a pretty big ask to make you go back to a previous stage again for a sidequest after each new stage. Gotta have better gameplay than this to make me quite that eager to redo a level I just played.

This was my first Shantae game and while the first impression was good, after I was done I didn't get the people who wanted her in Smash to put it like that. Like it's not even half the game Shovel Knight is.

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Finally got around to actually playing the Shadow of the Colossus remake I bought last year. It's not perfect or anything, but it's great to be back. They did a beautiful job with the new models and textures. People haven't used the kinda giant creature climbin' after this game as much as I had hoped, so there's still a unique appeal that just this game has.

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I'm happy Hinamatsuri took it, that was a seriously good anime.

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Tales From the Borderlands is a good example. I tried it out last year mostly out of pity since Telltale went and died, and it's a real funny cinematic adventure game. I dunno if it even counts though, it was on the 360 as well and I sincerely doubt they made it PS4 first with how little their engine changed.

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I've been reading manga a lot recently. I originally skipped around in Berserk because I started with the original anime, and tried to just continue reading from where it left off. Somehow I missed Lost Children at the time, so I went ahead and started there, and didn't stop until I got to Ganishka's demon city.

It's great, still. A large portion of Berserk is just Guts separating people's top halves from their bottom halves, but there's a maturity to the themes, a quality to the artwork and a depth to the characters that makes it feel like more than just action shlock. It's been maybe a decade since I last read it and I was moved just as much this time around. Tore up at the end of Lost Children, I tell you what. I get why you wouldn't adapt it both for content and pacing, since it is this standalone story full of dead kids, but I sure am glad I got around to it. Ended up watching a clip of the new anime on youtube just to compare them a bit. It's no good.

I've also been making my way through Hatsukoi Zombie. As far as these ecchi rom-coms go, I quite like it. It's got a good gimmick going on with dudes' first loves manifesting as ghosts above their heads that only the two leads can see, which is a great excuse for both drama, fanservice at any time and instant insight into people's feelings. It feels pretty original, and it gives everything a solid framework to build a whole series around.

If the first love is accepted, the zombies disappear happily. If not reciprocated, first love zombies turn aggressive and bothersome, so the two leads work together to solve people's love issues so they're less bothered by floaty angry pin-up chicks. One of the leads is a chick masquerading as a boy to try and avoid seeing first love zombies of herself everywhere, but the male lead's first love zombie is based on his memory of the leading lady before she started crossdressing. The leads obviously basically love one another, but they've been apart for a long time and they've got a lot of baggage to unpack before they're in any shape for a relationship. Additionally the lead male's first love zombie kinda gains a mind of her own and becomes both of their ghost friend, and neither of them want her to vanish.

There's good room for both ample misunderstandings and sweet love stories here, with an easy framework for side stories as well as the overarching romance plot, and I like all of the main characters. It's a bit difficult to recommend to people not into literal male fantasies floating around in the backgrounds everywhere, but I have personally enjoyed my time with it. Brought me back to the times I've fallen in love myself really, which made the big dramatic relationship moments hit me hard. I'm very invested in these characters getting a happy ending.

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Personally, last gen was way more impactful for me. It's more for personal reasons, I guess. I was really disappointed in what I got on the Wii and how annoying motion controls were(despite some standouts, the mario galaxies and punch-out was awesome), so that's the gen I jumped ship from only owning Nintendo consoles and got me a ps2, then a 360 and finally a PS3. So all of a sudden I had access to all these new series and genres that don't thrive in a Nintendo environment. Not all of those experiences were fun, but overall, it was well worth it to try new things.

Comparatively, this gen I've largely played PS4, which feels more like an extension of the 360 with first party games I actually wanna play for a change. I've also played and enjoyed fewer games. There've been some classics for sure, but this time I find my favorites on the Switch, whenever I borrow one. Breath of the Wild, Smash Ultimate and Mario Odyssey all make me happier than pretty much any PS4 game, except perhaps Persona 5. And Persona 5 is a bloody PS3 port, essentially.

Honestly, I feel like this gen has barely started. I've only had mine for like three years, and so many of the games I've played have been remasters and remakes of older games. And before I got one, for those two years or whatever, almost every game that released also came to 360. Like, I didn't need a ps4 to play dragon age inquisition, metal gear solid v or Life is Strange. Seemed like they were made for that 360 gen, too.

That the devs are talking about PS5 now is crazy to me. Feels like the devs themselves were surprised that people still liked to play games, so they've been playing catchup ever since the ps4 launched. And that's not to mention Nintendo, who stumbled over themselves so hard they're technically now a gen ahead of everyone else 'cause they had to pack in the Wii U.