Wow, you can change your username.

Going on 4 years now I've hated my username, Jason_Bourne. For those who don't know, in early 2008 when Giantbomb first launched with Jeff and Ryan, It wasn't the full site. It was a very simple blog that was used while the full site was being built. During that time I had just finished playing the Jason Bourne game, which I really enjoyed. So, when I first signed up, I used that username. It was meant to be temporary, but I met a lot of cool people in those early days. We stayed up until midnight for the bombcast (which goes up way earlier now) using the comments as a chat room since hated my username room.

When the full site launched I used the same name, that way it would be easier for all those people from the blog to find me. About 4 months after that I regretted it, and have hated my username since.

Today during the Gaintbomb Radio Show, Dave and Alexis said you CAN change your username which I've been wanting forever. You can only do it once, and you must be a premium member. Just go to and click on email and password, then just type in your new username, and if you want to change your email/password you can do that.

So here I am, now RedRoach, which fits with my gamertag and all my other gamer ID's. And I am very happy.