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Which do your favor !!!, 1st person or 3rd person shooters

This is something I would like to know, which do gamers like better 
1st person shooters like COD and Halo ( looks like you are taking part in the games events by showing things from your perspective)
3rd person shooters like Gears of War and Mass effect  ( where you overlook your characters every movement)


Does anybody hate Call of Duty Modern warfare 2

Now before you say anything I have mixed feelings about the game On one hand I don't have the game so I can't say much about it but on the other hand I've heard the campain is very very short. 
But the question I want to ask is Is there any one out there who hates the game? because I haven't seen anybody who hates the game is it that good or is it very shitty? 
Are there any COD haters out there? 


For the Fans of Red Vs Blue

Come on all Halo fans out there must admit that they've watched Red Vs Blue at one point or another.  For those of you who don't know what RVB is it is a web show about a Red team and a Blue team fighting each other but not taking it seriously  based on the Halo Multiplayer game and made by Roster Teeth. The Blood gulch chronicles are based on the first Halo(combat evolved) as well as Halo 2. Even though the first series ended a few years ago, the new episodes Reconstruction, Relocation, Recreation and Revelation based on Halo 3 are still going today and apparently it has become the most watched web show on the internet. Everybody who watches the show has a favorite character and quote from one of the many featured throughout. So if your a fan or would like to be which you should please give a post  on your favorite character, ep, or whatever you like about the show. 
Show your love for  RVB