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My E3 2010 list of excitement:


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  • Out of nowhere. What a fantastic surprise and an absolute day one purchase. Surely this won't raise the collective hopes of all gamers only to dash them against the jagged rocks of horrible execution.

  • Excited about the keytar. Pro mode looks interesting, though I'm not willing to drop $150 for a pro guitar. Set list is looking pretty good. Rock Band is my music game of choice and this certainly looks better than Guitar Hero 6: Crazy Background Distractions Which Take Away From the Game Itself.

  • New Zelda. All that needs to be said.

  • Looks great and the 3rd party support is outstanding at launch something very unusual for Nintendo hardware. I'll certainly be picking one up... further delaying the purchase of a PSP.

  • Specifically, the slim version with built in Wi-Fi. I'm this close to trading in my other two 360s for one of these new puppies.

  • Another Summer of Arcade title. Looks very cool and I'm curious to see details about seasons and persistant aspects of the game.

  • Only took 20 years for a sequel. Looks sharp so far.

  • I don't really care about this, but my 3 year old daughter was enthralled by the trailer. $150 plus $60 for the game is way too steep though.

  • First one was solid. Jumping could be a deal breaker, though.

  • Not sure what I think of this one yet... crazy idea but completely tasteless. Curious to see a bit more.