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For the most part I've stopped pre-ordering games not because of the hype but because of the money savings. I'm not struggling to pay my bills or anything severe like that it's just I am so backed up on games I don't need to have the game at my doorstep on day 1. I've found that I have so many games sitting around that I've bought on day 1 and have yet to be opened that I'm just throwing money away when a lot of those games are now 50% off and I still haven't started playing them despite owning them since day 1.

Another reason is Amazon no longer gives a discount for pre-ordering games so I lose a 20% incentive on pre-ordering and games are creeping up to be $80 before tax in Canada and a whopping $90 per game after taxes for a new standard price release so it just makes more sense to wait for them to drop to $30-40 to grab them if I'm not going to play them immediately anyways. Hell for the most part I've seen "Triple A" releases like far cry drop as low as $15-$20 in a few months so saving $70 per game is worth the wait for me. I've actually seen some placeholder prices for nintendo games being $89.99 so I don't know if Nintendo plans on doing another nintendo tax on their games and making them $10 more expensive than every other console. They were the first to jump to 80 so I wouldn't be surprised if they're the first to jump to 90.

Every now and then there's a game I know will jump the backlog queue and I will play ASAP so I'll pre-order that game but those games are becoming fewer and fewer in between.

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Nowadays if you want to collect physical copies of games that will increase in value premium/limited editions are the only things that will rise in value over time. Even then they really only retain value if they're not opened which makes it even more pointless to buy a game you won't play. With how easy it is to buy a game from across the world with a click of a button (physical copies included) standard copies for people who are looking to just play the game are too easily accessible not even taking into account digital sales to be worth anything.

I have a couple of limited editions I bought from NISA a couple of years ago that are now worth ~2x the price of what I paid for them but they're just sitting on my shelf. I'm not really a "collector" I just like artbooks, music cds, posters, and sometimes figurines included in limited editions and don't mind paying an extra $20-30 for that stuff.

Something that often confuses me is when physical copies of games are cheaper than buying them digitally. Brand new games that they had to produce and send a guy to my house to deliver is cheaper than me downloading it off their servers. For example I got Xenoblade Chronicles X for the WiiU for $19.99 CAD ($15 USD) and God of War for $65 CAD ($48 USD) on release date. Kingdom Hearts 3 is going to cost $40 CAD ($30 USD) according to amazon so I don't have a huge incentive to buy the games for 79.99 off PSN when they are way cheaper to grab a physical copy.

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Will never happen in this timeline but #1 is VJ Persona 5. Other than that anything story driven with light gameplay elements would be great. I love the banter of the GB crew and would enjoy them taking jabs at any game whether I'm a fan of the game or not.

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For me I guess it depends on whether you're just playing the game or if you're a content producer. If I was planning on just playing the game through for fun I could just not read or look up anything about DS3 and I'd be fine with it. 3 Weeks is actually not that bad of a delay considering a lot of JP game localization projects takes months/years but If you're someone who's relatively new in creating/producing gaming content probably the best way to get yourself out there is to get brand new "popular" games on release date and make videos/stream on the day they're released. Now with JP games as a content producer you're pretty much always up against people who simply import the game and play it in JP several months/years ahead of time but there are still a group of viewers who wait for an English version before viewing. Big review sites like IGN, Gamespot etc rarely do full playthroughs or lengthy multi-video part series off of a review copy but with the XB1 version being in completely English and a few special snowflake streamers getting the full English release 3 weeks ahead of everyone else sucks. I'm not a huge souls plan and don't plan on making any videos on DS3 but I can see why there are people that would be upset about it. Being the first to discover a strategy, a path, a secret etc means big exposure for a new channel so a lot of people aren't given the chance outside the few special snowflakes that have been chosen to play the game first.

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I was surprised at how fun it was. I didn't have much expectations for the game and didn't even know the demo was happening until a friend told me so I tried it out and it was great. Since you could only play with random people there was the occasional troll but when you get together a group of people who are decent at the game and could figure the puzzles out as you go through it's really fun. Got into a group where we cleared the fire temple without losing a single fairy even with the trial and error since it looked like it was everyone's first time going through it.

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I can't believe that Jeff was at like 0/0 into like the 40's but then again it is Mario Party. The outcome was absolutely amazing but I think it would have been godlike if Jeff had managed to get that star switch with Dan during one of his chance time capsules. 0 -> 7 would have been incredible.

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is MPP5 going to be streamed and/or uploaded for premium members?