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List of Possible names for Resident Evil 9

It's high time we started speculating on the name of Resident evil 9. After Resident EVIl: Biohazard and Resident Evil: VIlliage we know that RE 9 will have the roman numeral IX in it somewhere, it's just a question of where that IX will be.

Below, you'll find a handy list of what I feel are the most likely names.

List items

  • Resident Evil SIX

    Nothing strikes more terror into the hearts of Resident Evil fans than the thought of having to play through RE6 again. No improvements will be made, but by spelling 6 out in letters Capcom hopes to avoid all the "man fellating giraffe" jokes from last time around.

  • Resident Evil MIXer

    Capcom teams up with Microsoft to create a brand new type of game. With its live-streaming Mixer integration... Wait, what's that?

    Never mind.

  • Resident Evil PIXie

    With Resident Evil VIllage being about werewolves or something what's stopping Capcom from making a game where you fight a bunch of pixies, or a game where you play as a pixie, or a game where they just license a lot of music from Doolittle? Why not all three? Why not make Black Francis the main character? Who wouldn't play that game?

  • Resident Evil WIX

    What's scarier than having to build your own website? With Wix' Cloud Based Development Services, you no longer have to sweat over every single line of HTML. Build your website today!

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  • Resident Evil RemIX

    Or maybe Capcom Teams up with Nintendo for the ninth title in the popular Resident Evil franchise and the third title in the mildly enjoyed Remix franchise to create Resident Evil RemIX. Weird romhacks of past RE games let you play as vegetarian Nemesis, who has to eat tofu before the time runs out.