E3 2012 Overall Impressions

This E3 was actually great, there are a balance between games, with new IPs and more features on existing consoles and such. What I found relieving is that there isn't anymore sales charts, figures and statistics back in the last decade and push most of the boring things that, the audience should or shouldn't care about which goes a long way considering the audience demographic.

Between the "'Big Three," there is often games that lack attention throughout the conference due to the fact that they show not much of it. Conferences like Microsoft focused their show on Smartglass and on their services as well as a list of games but there isn't much world premiers and games that you would be interested. Nintendo, again like last year does not focus on the hardcore audience and rather focus it on their dying casual audience, yet sales wise, cannot competitive with the other two consoles since it's released in 2006. Plus the fact that they pull off more than one conference due to time and have a Direct Nintendo and aftershow conference where Direct is mostly about the Wii U and technical side of things and that aftershow is about Chasing Dads and Iwata holding a fucking banana. It often befuddles me that Nintendo tends to reach out to an audience that is losing them money and the fact that Pachter even said that even THQ is topping them at the sale charts means a lot. Lots of people say Sony was the best of all conferences of this year but I just think that they actually redeemed themselves since last year or so; they show a list of games that you should care about and some interesting Vita support, some old PS1 games that will be on the Vita and was an asskicker trying to convince everyone that Sony is better and actually gave out PSN vouchers to everyone in the press conference as well as free old games from the network. It saddens me that Sony had pull that stunt like that and the conference itself could be the winner for me if they had not shown the whole Wonderbook segment that wasted time - granted they at least show a Move game but I do not like the motion of being some sort of educational book of some kind and the fact that it will teach kids which is the complete opposite, illiteracy is poor in America and the game itself does not look educational at all - it just looks like a sad excuse for a Move game for the casual audience.

What I really like is the Ubisoft press conference, they had one of the better presenters bested by the worst presenter that was unfortunately paired up and they shown a plethora of interesting games and stuff that you care about. It is the conference for me.

Throughout the whole E3, I was impressed by the games shown, although most of them was in the press conferences itself but seeing more of the gameplay itself was rather enticing. One of my game of the show floor was The Last of Us, shown in Sony's conference and it plays like I AM Alive if that game actually was fun and not broken and if you have a useful companion that actually assists you in many interesting ways that will impact the progress of your game. Furthermore, the companion reacts to the progression of your playthrough, how you play throughout the game, whether if you go for a non-lethal playthrough or a violent one will effect your companion and will also advise you, the better way instead of the violent one.

SimCity was another contender and the fact that the Last of Us maybe is exclusive on the PS3 which I may or may not be able to buy it, that this game might be the one that I will play the most and is my game of E3. The trailer shown in that EA press conference impressed me, I often have a niche on playing urban planning, simulation construction games and I have not much words to describe how addictive that this game will be with the added features and potentially exciting multiplayer which seems it will affect your city if you connect it to your friends one. The trailer shows a industrial tycoon city with smog pollution and high crime rates next to a family and friendly neighbourhood and what I heard in the Bombcast is that it will affect your neighbour's city for instance; a high crime rate will soon be prompted by thugs robbing a bank in the other city as well as air pollution. Furthermore, there are aspects in the multiplayer that are cooperative from challenges where you build a specific building that will benefit both cities where the industrial city could have the materials to trade the other city materials to build this shared huge airport. I just like these cooperative aspects to this new features and I am seriously pissed off that I have to wait until next year to buy this game and a new computer.

Anyways here is the rest of my games of e3 2012!!


e3 2012

1. The Last of Us
2. SimCity
3. Assassin's Creed III
4. Hitman: Absolution
5. Metro: Last Light
6. Star Wars 1313
7. Rayman Legends
8. Borderlands 2
9. The Cave
10. Watch Dogs