E3 Optimists, it's menagerie of idiots and non-ethical journalist

There's a thread on the message boards that is completely the opposite on what I am saying but I often see these kinds of threads from time to time and felt obliged to write about it. The thread itself talks about how terrible journalists are and the fact that they aren't stoked to write about games in E3 and carry some negative energy to the convention centre. Also implying through a tweet that someone posted that "E3 is like a dental appointment" or something which he literary exaggerates the meaning and how the context of that tweet was put into place.

These kinds of things pissed me off, there are a bunch of games that journalists are excited about and had talked extensively about in podcasts, their write-ups and through their live coverage of E3. The matter of how much "positive" befuddles me on what kind of excitement this person wants, this is a large convention centre that is crowded with enthusiasts, journalists and developers showing off their games (plus some booth babes) and typically having to cover a damn E3 with games is really exhausting to the point where you just want to cover your game. Plus you have to discuss about the game professionally with some knowledge to a degree rather than gone out as ignorant. I think that's the kind of "person" he wants in this E3, the fucking enthusiasts who are, I think are a waste of space, that are excited to be there and there to fucking take a shit load of swag which why the fuck would you even go here for that, there's PAX you motherfuckers. Those people blatantly as I see it at youtube and other message boards that people shit on the game and their reasons why the game sucks is because of bullshit reasons.

I really hate the fact that they even let these people in, whether they have a fucking press badge because they want a pretentious shitty website or have some terrible youtube channel or the fact that they got it out of spite. Like I said, these people are a fucking waste of space being there and the fact that I see them in the Live Cam tour on Gamespot or on separate videos often pisses me off, whether they are carrying that G4 bag, taking pictures of booth babes or some cosplayer and just annoying the shit out of me when they are in the motherfucking background in these live coverages. Granted that some developers want enthusiasts or fans to pump up their booth and to be glad to be there but if they voice an opinion about a particular game, it just goes shitface and they can't really express a "civil-thought" in any way why this, this and this sucks or why they are pumped for the game. I had read some comment that threw me off about Quantum Dream's Beyond Two Souls in which some idiot that went to E3 says that he played the game and the story is better than "these shitty writers in hollywood" or between these idiots remarks which baffles me, they find one bit to make shit on comparisons that are not the slightless bit of knowledge that they possess; that's why I do not like to read other's opinion that aren't in the press and while there are some exceptions of people having some basis on video game knowledge and knowing that this game reminds them a familiar game and fully detailed the game in what they had seen so far. Plus the idiot commenting about Beyond also states that he had read "reviews" that shit about the game, what the fuck are you talking about reading a review, the game did not come out yet - it's fucking called a preview or a hands-on impression, it's like he's retarded.

With enthusiasts, I am not talking about 1UP all of whom is about the enthusiasts press from the number of their podcasts that they say that they kind of like that crowd with "positivity", they are professional enthusiasts that know what they are saying and explain why they are liking what they saw so far or not and there are some "hands-on impressions" that are interesting to read despite not knowing who these new journalists are and what they did to 1UP. There are some instances that where I hate journalists and the fact someone is trying to bring back, or get attention with his sensational journalism on a particular game. I always hate Tom McShea ever since he joined Gamespot, he often mainly shits on FPS without no basis to back him up or more importantly play the damn game before out-rightly shitting on the game on what he saw (presumably not much) and "criticize" the lack of realism that the upcoming Medal of Honour game, Warfighter has. The balls that he has when the developer of the game confronted him over a terrible article with no basis on playing that game in a "interview" where the developer flat-right took his place on his negative and nonsensical remarks about the game and FPS games in general and McShea's unprofessionalism with "trying" to explain why he wrote the negative article. Plus his article basically repeats itself on the lack of realism and he even says that he did not play the fucking game in which destroys his entire argument (if there is one) and thinks that all FPS shooters like this one should be a simulation of sorts of what war is really like when you go overseas. And the fact that the video is called a "matter of authenticity" when he mainly criticizes the realism is where he went full retard.

All he says in the interview was how "unrealistic" the game is with it's regenerating health system and other exaggerated things that he does not explain, he just sits there and smiles like a retard, making snide remarks and he felt like some mentally retarded person in that interview and does not address at any point about the lack of realism in the game. If you want a "realistic" or more specifically, a FPS simulation that does NOT have a health bar, play ARMA or Operation Flashpoint; these games rely how what's (he thinks) he's talking about or the fact that the audience (in which he does not know what the fuck his audience should like) should play a "realistic/authentic" FPS based on what soldiers overseas are currently doing right now. That interview is like a cry for attention and more page hits and Tom thinks he's unique, trying to be a sensationalist and tries to criticizes what's he talking about and it comes out to be flat-out terrible. This interview also reminds me when Angry Joe "interviewed" Geoff Keighley, I had never like that guy, back then when I go to the Nostalgia Critic's website, I always find that his content is super annoying and I fucking hate his fake personality and the way he reviews games or tries to have some reason and just comes out like his head in his ass.

At the end of the day, you get super tired and exhausted but you have to still do your fucking job on fully covering the game with write-ups and shit and plus your voice probably gets shut-off and I think that's "what" the fucking cynicism that he criticized with the press. At this point, I do not know why I am defending this but even Jeff said in earlier bombcasts that E3 isn't really a "friendly" place for enthusiasts and journalists, developers often hate to showcase their games to the public and rather for the press to cover it. That's a really valid point in which this guy is clearly out of his mind shitting on the "cynicism" of journalists these days and you should just go to PAX if you want to see the opposite on what E3 is really like.

Now I got that out of the system, I still fucking hate Tom McShea and the menagerie of fans that exists in every E3. I wish it was years ago when E3 only allowed the press to come and when McShea was not there. It's like he's trying to make this thing of his, a controversial video that will get his page views and the attention that he should never deserve. They never show have even hire him and the fact that he is still at that site shows how Gamespot still sucks.