Best Soundtrack 2010

Every year, a game has an astounding soundtrack that is either epic or memorable - this year is no exception.

List items

  • The jukebox in the game shows how Chris Metzen could sing "Sweet Home Alabama'' and "Freebird" and like J.E Sawyer performing at the Tops Casino in New Vegas, I just love it. Though Unfortunately Blizzard didn't release the jukebox soundtrack probably due to copyright violations or something but listening to it is probably the reason why I hardly played the main campaign or play it more.

  • When I say epic, Jack Wall who composed Mass Effect 2 delivers so much. I got to say this but not only that this is the best game of this year but the soundtrack is just like a blockbuster movie and the cutscenes and moments in that game alongside with the soundtrack feels like a living breathing world with a immerse experience.

  • Even though I didn't really hear "Far Away" in the game (when you are going to Mecheco), the second song was quite a great moment for me riding back to the Marston's ranch.

  • The new soundtrack is even more impressive than Wrath of the Lich King, it's just amazing and epic!

  • Sorry but Fallout 3 selection of music was better and addicting and the fact that there's only a few songs that have the Mojave/New Vegas feeling to it but there should be more. But the songs that aren't in the radio stations of NV is quite excellent actually, when you finish ''Talent Pool'', and go to the Aces Theater in the Tops, you get a spectacle of performances written and performed by J.E Sawyer one of the developers of this game. ANd I have to say, its awaesome!

  • Life is Beautiful and seriously I cannot get that song out of my head!

  • Bohemian Rhapsody....