E3 2010 Most Anticipated Games

RelentlessKnight: E3 2010 Most Anticipated Games

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  • Greg Kavasin is working on it so I must be good!

  • Since Fallout 3, I had played more than 200 hours and completed everything with the exception of the dlcs. When I heard that this game is being published by its original developer and set in California, its a buy for me.

  • Yeah I know, I forget this game seeing that I loved Civ 4 and had played hours and hours. And yeah Industrial Age was the best... the only soundtrack that I enjoyed than the other eras.

  • I hope this game is as awesome as the first one with multiple endings and a unique plot!

  • Seeing that it is from the creators of Gabriel Knight, a scary-ass adventure game I would want to play this.

  • Hopefully this game will not turn out to be like Turning Point

  • The first GRAW was an awesome game because of its team-oriented game-play and amazing graphics. This game takes a whole new level - set in the future where gadgets looks more awesomer and the team AI might be better. Also set in a post-apocalyptic world..... The demo in the Ubi conference though, just had to copy, MW - having said ''tango'' a couple of times.

  • The return of Joker and though I haven't beaten the first game, I might consider this one.

  • I'm a tad bit skeptical of this one, especially since its set in modern times and there isn't the theme song that is significant to the franchise.