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The grip of a Bethesda experience albeit stealth shanks! 0

The house name brand for Bethesda tends to create mediocre to decent games that isn’t the Elder Scroll series or Fallout and did not succeed much as well. Unfortunately Arkane Studios, makers of Dark Messiah of Might and Magic came out with a new IP that may borrow some aspects from their games but fall upon producing a stealth game that may result in the similar curse that Skyrim has come with its interactions and graphical detail.You play as Corvo Attano, a famous bodyguard of the Empress Kald...

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Generals: No FMV included in game yet still awesome. 0

                                                           “In the modern world, great leaders resolved their conflict… with words”   The Middle-East can be the bad place. A place that is conquered by war and games, games like Command and Conquer: Generals. This game's scenario which places you in a middle-eastern country plays out the real war that we have today, such as a plethora of games and movies today and believed to recruitment tool of the government. This type of modern-esque games ca...

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Not only does it satisfy the core audience but the fiction..... 1

as well.....   It’s pretty nice to see developers continuing their world of fiction within down-loadable content. Not only does this satisfy the developers within the extent of an expansion pack but satisfy those whom hunger for more of the content of that specific game. The Xbox 360 Marketplace has been such a place to buy these down-loadable content with your Microsoft points. One of that down-loadable content is Fable II. Lionhead’s Fable II has been a satisfying sequel to its original Xbox b...

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Setting side all the differences. Heroes isn't a bad game. 0

 Many people criticized that they are just millions of World War II theme, first person shooters depicting it as just a cheap way to produce games or just being too repetitive in the gaming industry so far. But it seems to be in the logic that these games don't have to be the category of the genre to be enjoyable to all. Other people seems annoyed of this whole fiasco about this theme implemented into a game that will be introduced additionally later but much of the fiasco is for ripping people ...

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