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Planet Strike is practically a level pack for the previous game. 0

Roughly one year after the release of Aliens of Gold, Planet Strike offers players a new campaign as Blake Stone in his stalwart mission against the nefarious Dr. Goldfire. However, except for a single new weapon, scanning device, and auto-mapping system, JAM Productions created what is more or less an expansion for Aliens of Gold. The gunplay is identical to it's predecessor, the game is full of reused assets, and it still has all the faults of the first game. Projectiles get caught on the envi...

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Aliens of Gold is a competent shooter that doesn't quite reach the height it aspires to. 0

Aliens of Gold had a rough start; DOOM was released just a week after it, sealing Blake Stone's fate as a forgotten shooter. While id Software's masterpiece is completely deserving of the praise it has and continues to receive, Aliens of Gold is a game that should have had its day in the sun. With its colorful environments, wide range of enemies and innovative mechanics, Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold would have made its mark if it had not been released so closely to one of the greatest shooters of...

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