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Dan lets us unless our inner monsters. Praise and long live Lord Ryckert!!! The Lord Monster!!

Dan is the monster we deserve. I love this guy and his enthusiasm in all things.

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Welcome, Austin! Great to have such a talent such as you join join the team. Now Giant Bomb can continue its dominance as Best Vidja Game Site of all!!!! Welcome.


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Awesome news! Congratulations, Vin-Dog. Expanding this great website with awesome personalities and content is what Giant Bomb is all about. Go forth and conquer, Sir Vincent of Caravella, Pizza Master of the East Coast, forger of new ideas and partner in crime of one Alexander "E.C. Aka East Coast" Narvarro.

Anyway, all nonsense aside (few brews in me haha) best of luck to you and your family and this amazing website. Hope the move has been as smooth as possible for you & yours. Thank you for all of your contributions and hours of joy throughout the years.

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When you're in college, have kids in school, train BJJ/MMA, game, watch Giant Bomb like you're getting paid to do so, black coffee is like a gift from the heavens! And that video was hysterical!!

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@shevar: same here, man. 13 I'm 24 now. Tuesdays will never be the same, hell Giant Bomb will never be the same. I am so deeply hurt by this news. With the great content GB puts out an how real everyone is you feel you truly know them personally and this hurts terribly. My heart goes out to his wife and the Giant Bomb crew. Thank you Ryan for so many joyful memories. God bless you.