Top ten games I played in 2015

As a heads up, this is not necessarily a list of games that came out in 2015. I rarely get games and play them the year they come out and even if I do get them, I may not finish them the year they come out. I have a list of games I played this year if you wish to see the full list I worked with. Note: there are some games not listed on GB and those are mentioned in the Notes section of the list. That means that the list is longer than it shows.

A few honorable mentions before I start the list:

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, I was still in College when this game came out and originally said that I would probably not be interested in the game. It looked nice, but did not seem like a game for me. Plus I was busy with school and work to have time for it. Yet, there was a free weekend around April of this year and my friend told me I should give it a try. I was also curious and gave it a try. After the free weekend I learned I had to play the game because I enjoyed what little I played. I have not finished the game yet, but I wanted to mention this game since I have put a lot of hours into it.

If My Heart Had Wings: I originally saw this Visual Novel on Steam and thought it looked really interesting. The description of the game was also something that brought me to buy the game. I did not start it until this year and I am glad I did. I have only gotten through one playthrough because the story is very long compared to other Visual Novels. Yet, the route I played was very good and enjoyable. The download is pretty big for a Visual Novel and that is because they put a lot of effort into the game, there are actual CG videos that run every so often and the voice acting is pretty good. This Visual Novel definitely deserves an honorable mention.

Super Mario Maker: I was trying to find a reason to buy a Wii U. I wanted Super Mario 3DS World and then this game came out. I eventually earned enough money to buy a Wii U bundle and a few games. This was a great purchase and is well worth the cost of the Wii U. I will be playing this for a long time and get my Wii U's worth in play time.

Dust an Elysian Tail: I got this game a while back because it did seem like a pretty good game. I was just busy with other things and it sat in my Steam library for a while. I eventually decided to put an effort into reducing the Steam Library and play some games. I have only recently started it, yet from what I have played, I am enjoying it very much. I will keep playing and hopefully it will end up on my list next year.

The Sacred Tears True: I may have not finished this game (mostly because I keep making mistakes and I keep restarting), but I have enjoyed what I have played. It is not the easiest old school RPG game, but I do enjoy the story and mini episodes. It has a weird card battle system, but it is still an enjoyable game for those who enjoy old style graphics.

Pokemon ORAS: Pretty much if a Pokemon game comes out and I actually finish it that year, it will be at the top of the list. I really enjoy Pokemon and have been with the series since the start. The updated graphics and the added mechanics make the series even more interesting and fun to play. I enjoyed the original Ruby/Sapphire and this remake is probably an even better way to enjoy that generation.

Pokemon Shuffle: I do not know if this game has an ending (maybe it will since they will run out of Pokemon), but I know I have not gotten my fill of the game. This take on a match 3 style game has taken a lot of time out of my life and I have enjoyed it. I am also very proud that I have not put a single penny into this free to play game. I feel the limited amount of plays you get is just enough for me to enjoy since I do not always play games for long periods of time.

Narcissu: This Visual Novel would probably have made the list, however due to some technical issues I could not put it on. I technically finished part 1 last year and part 2 this year. Yet, I could not put part 2 on without part 1 since part one actually helps to set up some of the story for part 2. So I will put this in the Honorable mentions section.

I actually felt very connected to some of the characters and enjoyed their stories and how they struggled to make it through their life with an eternal illness. The Visual Novel teaches you real life ideas and how you can make it through some struggles if you have the right support. I have had many moments where I wanted to do as the characters do, but I have a support system that helps me in many ways. This is definitely a good read.

10) Asphyxia: This game is not listed on GB and one of the Moderators cut me very deeply (figuratively) with a recent game I tried to put up so I do not want to put it up at the moment.

This Visual Novel has some very interesting and well done art that has a European kind of feel to it. Which helps, since the game is based in Europe and deals with the Romantic Period in poetry. The story follows a younger girl (based on a famous poet) who suffers from her own mental depressions and only wants kindness from someone she loves. I felt very close to the character and greatly enjoyed the music, art and story. It was a very enjoyable story and is well worth taking a look at if anyone is interested in an educational, altered view Visual Novel.

List items

  • 9) I recently got into the Atelier series and started with Atelier Ayesha. This is the second game in the Dusk series and is a very enjoyable addition to the story of Dusk. The game play changes just enough for fans to find new mechanics to enjoy, but still keep the normal calander, time limit system that keep the game a little more strategic. You will want to make sure to have your jobs finished on time in order to get the best rewards and crafting items. I have never been very good with crafting and this game makes it simple and easy for people to understand and learn. Though I still needed to learn more to beat EX Flameau. I look forward to the final part of the Dusk series and that will probably end up on the list next year.

  • 8) Probably the main reason I wanted a Wii U (next to Hyrule Warriors), this game is very fun and enjoyable. I still enjoy repeating levels with different character to see how their different mechanics effect the game play. Granted I spent the whole game playing the Princess, I have enjoyed playing the other characters as well. I have heard many say that this is probably not the best reason to buy a Wii U, but I have enjoyed what I have played and still play it once in a while. I think Nintendo did a great job with this one and would gladly keep playing the Wii U if they have more games with Princess Peach in them :P

  • 7) I usually do not like strategy, turn based games, but I have been trying a few different ones to learn more about them. This anime version of the genera has been a lot of fun and has some great story routes. The story actually gives you some perspectives on human emotions, their connection to their subordinates and the roles of robots in the world. The gameplay is pretty fun and the strategies you can come up with to win a battle are pretty interesting. You can try different methods and learn what works best for you. I look forward to playing the second game when I get a chance.

  • 6) No this has nothing to do with the real life person. I actually do not know much about the real person and when people say Notch I only think about this Visual Novel. This take on the Horror/Mystery Visual Novel has some really great moments. The choices actually help you learn more about the characters and about how the world around you works. Many of the death scenes can be a little bit gruesome, but they also add to the story. The story is pretty much an average anime, but there are some moments that can grab you and make you want to read more.

  • 5) This might be a slight bias since I recently got it for Christmas present and have been playing it a lot lately. Yet, I have been enjoying the game so much. I keep wanting to play even though I know I need to take a break. I have always enjoyed Megaman games and this take on that genera has been a great blast. The changed mechanics and slightly different gameplay actually changes the genera to make the game interesting. This will be a game I keep playing and I can not wait till I get the next game in the series.

  • 4) My friend ended up convincing me to try this since it has a different take on the word "game" and actually is different from what most people would consider a game. I am not sure what genera to put this game under, but I have had a lot of fun with it. The story is pretty much the whole game and the minor moments of figuring out what to do and how to advance the story actually make the game worth a chance. The real life aspects to the story actually make you think about how you act, how you live and how you treat others around you. The story is well worth playing through and enjoyable.

  • 3) I played the PSN version of this game. I thought I would give this puzzle game a try and I am glad I did. I thought the characters and design looked cute and colorful, so I had to give it a chance. Then I found out the puzzles in the game were very challenging and enjoyable. I had some level I did not know what to do and spent hours trying to beat, and the when I finally did beat the level I actually felt like I accomplished something. I used my brain to solve puzzles, which is not something I usually like doing in games. This game showed me that I do like puzzle games as long as they are colorful and not super challenging. I look forward to some of the other games made in this style.

  • 2) This was a very hard choice. Since this is probably one of my favorite if not favorite game I played this year. This take on the bullet hell shooter genera has some fun and enjoyable mechanics that keep the game a mystery until you figure them all out. It took me a few run to finally realize the game mechanics, but I rarely felt frustrated not knowing what I was doing. I felt like I was always learning new things about the game and I enjoyed it when I found new ways to play the game. I usually am not very good at these games, but this one is not super hard when you know what to do. The bullet patterns look very cool and actually add some strategy to learn how to dodge them. From what little of the story I caught (I'm a very slow reader and they did not give me enough time to read everything), I enjoyed and thought it was slightly sad, but very nice. I will probably come back to this game and keep playing since I enjoy it very much.

  • 1) I enjoy reading a lot and have gotten into the Visual Novel club that has recently risen up. I have found some good Visual Novels and some not worth talking about. There are very few I have read that earn the honor of Great. This is one of them. This Horror/Mystery Visual Novel is very well done and the story is one of the best I have read. The added content for the steam version actually make the Visual Novel even better and well worth the read. The different routes are very enjoyable and keep the reader on their heels waiting to see what will happen. The bad endings even add to the story and work to help you learn more about the relations of the characters. I even learned new things about Aquariums that I never really knew. I would highly recommend this Visual Novel for anyone who like Horror/Mystery reads. I would love to read more from this company and want to see how things advance in their story telling capabilities.


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Nice list! It's always nice to see some props given to visual novels!