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The Peanut Gallery Reviews 'Batman: Arkham Asylum' 0

 The word “Atmosphere” gets thrown around a lot nowadays in this merry little creative realm known as video games. Having “good atmosphere” is usually used to describe games that are not so good in the actual gaming department – ::cough:: Assassin’s Creed and Bioshock ::cough:: – in a half hearted attempt by critics to describe the big chubbies they get staring at dynamic graphics, thereby proving my theory that anyone can be distracted by waving a shiny object in their face.   Batman: Ark...

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The Peanut Gallery Reviews 'Banjo: Nuts & Bolts' 0

 Way back in the deep dark ages of the N64, there existed a little platforming mascot named Banjo. He, like most other anthropomorphic icons of the time (not to mention a pudgy plumber), was obsessed with the collection of useless objects in some half baked attempt at saving the world or some such nonsense. 10 years have passed since this mighty bear vanquished his archrival and forever saved the day….or so he thought.   Yes, it seems Gruntilda has returned – as per standard platformer log...

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The Peanut Gallery Reviews "Zone of the Enders" 0

If there’s one thing anime has taught me over the years, it’s that the Japanese loves them some giant robot mecca wars. Contrary to their large size and guaranteed complicated design, these motorized metal contraptions zip around the television screen in a blast of flourescence denoting energy weapons and a maelstrom of bullets. They demonstrate martial arts capabilities that would make Bruce Lee blush as they deftly twirl swords, scythes, and battle axes between hands before delivering a swift ...

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The Peanut Gallery Reviews "XIII" 0

It’s hard to not like anything that stars Adam West. It could be a horrid pornographic film set in outer space featuring Cloris Leachman in a thong and Howard Stern riding around on a unicycle calling himself Darth Boner (let that mental picture sink in)... It still has Adam West, so it’s still badass. The man was Batman for christsakes! Thus, by my own logic, ‘XIII’ for the PS2 could be a flaming turd jammed up my nose and I’d still love it. And boy does this game have flaming turd moments. Fir...

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The Peanut Gallery Reviews "Psychonauts" 3

Typically, it takes a lot to make my brain nearly implode. Due to my own personal experiences (not to mention some of the friends I choose to associate with), my senses have become dulled to shocking, absurd, and insane occurrences. I can listen to a friend seriously talk about his New World Order featuring a death penalty for people wearing flat-billed caps knocked to the side and laugh without concern. I can watch a congenital amputee fight an MMA match and – GASP – lose without shock at soci...

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