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GOTY 2018

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  • I bought this game twice, and beat it twice, along with many more hours post game smashing tempered elders. The drive to master a weapon, or a second weapon, and to get all the extra monster parts for that sweet new helmet finally clicked for me.

  • I set out from camp in the evening, and it got dark about halfway to my destination, so I hunt for some food, setup camp for the night and sleep until morning. Living in the wild west in RDR is an amazing experience and one I would happily spend another 50+ hours engaging with. The story of Dutch's gang of misfits and Arthur's personal tale were both deeply interesting. Start to finish, I loved being in this world and experiencing the story at a leisurely pace.

  • I spent more time this year prepping and playing D&D than probably any other gaming activity. Whether online with friends yelling about how unfair it is that a medusa turned them to stone, or in person with a group of family and friends arguing about the mechanics of raising an infant owlbear, D&D has dominated my weekends, and many weeks in between preparing for the worst and best my players can come up with.

  • I've always loved Battletech, and this game brings the tactical wargame back to life. I'll be checking in with this game periodically to get my fill of mechs stomping around.

  • I played a TON of board games this year, and many were more impactful than my time with certain video games. A short list of the best ones I played:

    T.I.M.E. Stories

    Time stories plays out like a physical point and click adventure game with a lot of choose your own adventure styling as well. You select areas to explore, which gives you a small deck of cards. The card backs combine to create an image of the area you're exploring and each card has descriptions, encounters and items written on them once you flip them over. It is a unique board game experience and one I really like. The one down side is each expansion is really only playable one time.

    Arkham Horror: The Card Game

    Cooperative deck builders are becoming one of my favorite genre of board games, and sitting down to explore a story with a buddy is amazing in this game. You play through multiple sessions as the same detective, uncovering more and more of the story of whats happening in this world of Lovecraftian horror.

    Twilight Imperium

    I only got one playthrough of TI in, and it was amazing. 6 people competing for galactic dominance through technology, politics and combat, everyone was competitive right to the end, and it was exciting to see the final turn play out. If it didnt take 8 hours to play, I would love to get in more games.

    Zombicide:Black Plague

    Zombicide is a great cooperative zombie survival game that ramps up the longer you take to get to the end. Hordes of zombies swarm in, and as your characters get stronger, clearing out dozens in a single turn becomes incredibly satisfying. A virtually limitless amount of scenarios and replayability make this one we've come back to several times.

  • Great open world driving and some decently fun events, I like just driving in this world. I generally enjoy the serious vibe of the main Forza series more, but this one gave me a lot of great races to participate in.

  • Everyone in my family has loved the jackbox games this holiday season. They have the same draw as Cards Against Humanity, but much more variety to keep everyone engaged. Great party games and I wish there were more.