The benefits of playing video games

Over the years, players have had to defend much more entertainment vice than the average film enthusiast and enthusiast, but it is changing thanks to science and video games or video game rumors . Dozens of mental health researchers and researchers have done research over the past decade and have demonstrated real psychological benefits when playing video games. Read books and follow things on Netflix. However, if you spend that time killing monsters, collecting gold coins or saving the princess, your brain will be much better. Following are the benefits of playing the game:

Improvement of cognitive ability

In a recent story published by PLOS One, we interviewed five player groups and played telephone games for a month. The research showed that playing certain types of video games improved the cognitive function of participants. This was demonstrated by a short-term memory task performed a month after the life of the telephone game.

Playing games is good to improve memory

Many video games require serious strategy and concentration. If you built your own civilization in Minecraft or fought for your life in Fortnite, you know how important it is to remember where you can find a particular resource or where you should go you. With 3D graphics and surround audio, the video game environment is very stimulating. Navigating in the virtual world of video games is very similar to navigating in the real world.

Exploring the world of video games can even have a positive effect on your daily memory. If you want to reconcile multiple tasks and objectives while browsing the virtual space, practice the hippocampus. This is the part of the brain that not only converts short-term memory into long-term memory, but also controls spatial memory. By maintaining the shape of the hippocampus, you improve your long-term memory and you can navigate through the physical space well. If you tend to lose yourself on the way to the store, video games will help improve your memory for instructions.

Playing games is good to spatial visualization

In addition to improving spatial memory, you can better visualize the space by playing video games. A study by the American Psychological Association in 2013 showed that taking a video game improves the way you think about three-dimensional objects. Players are good at determining the distance between objects or mentally rotating objects and imagine how they fit into the space. This improved spatial visualization has practical advantages, so that you can see whether you can park in parallel in a narrow space or organize your closet. Good spatial visualization is also essential for success in many STEM races.

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