Why Blog?

I think everyone reaches a point in their blogging career when they ask themselves, "Why am I doing this?" It is rare that a suitable and satisfying answer comes to light. Some people do it to explore their own thoughts in an organized fashion, others do it for entertainment, and others simply as a job. I don't know why I write to an invisible audience. If we are to be brutally honest, most of us blog because we crave attention and want to be recognized for our worth. It's tough to admit such a superficial and seemingly needy concept, but a blog that receives 20 comments is certainly more satisfying than one that lives in obscurity. It's just one more attempt at belonging, one more stab at climbing the social ladder. It is not an unwise attempt by any means. The anonymity of a community such as this one affords many people an opportunity to become something utterly more satisfying than their real-world counterpart. The risk is minimal and the veil never has to be lifted, unless the writer chooses to do so. Just to clarify, I am not saying that people who blog are are unsuccessful in other aspects of their life, but talents hidden away by shyness and social misunderstanding need not hinder someone in the written word.
It's tough to analyze oneself without a certain amount of bias and I am sure I write, at least partially, for some of the reasons above. I can honestly say that I'm very pleased with my current position in life and really have nothing to complain about, but the allure of a successful blog is still there, dangling just out of reach. Beyond simply wanting to be read, perhaps I also seek a place to delve deeper into my video game-related interests, as they are still not something I share with most of my real world friends. They know I play them and own way too many, but they certainly don't understand my desire to know about developers and follow the business of the industry. It's a shame that this hobby is so widely derided that we flock to blogs, rather than our close friends, to share our thoughts on a supremely entertaining form of media. Of course, gaming is far more accepted now than it ever has been, and people blog about everything under the sun, so the medium is not particularly important to our current discussion.  
With that being said, I will probably put something more substantial and more game-related here in the near future as I would like to see where it takes me. Success is, after all, only one amazing blog away. As usual, I'd love to hear your opinions on this subject. 
With that, I bid you adieu.