Puzzle Quest 2

so i have never thought that i would be this addicated to a puzzle game in my life, just today i bought puzzle quest 2, after orginally ignoring it and its preddacussor. 
so i boot it up(PC) and start playing think this aint going to be any good, then i sit and start playing 30 minute in "wow this has some depth to it" i think to my self a hr in im trugging thourgh some ice cave looking for a Cat Man that has been terrorizing a town, and i come accross a fucking goblin witch and my female Assassian promptly get her asss handed to her, after i die i think "FUCK i forgot to save im going to have to start this goddamn cave over again" but it just spits me out right next to it. YAY i think i can try again this game rules, andthats where i am at now. 
oh ane im too fucking lazy to check my errors on this post so fuck it.