My PS2 games

A complete list of all the Playstation 2 games which I own.

List items

  • Pretty lifeless racer. Hardly anything to recommend either.

  • One of the best gaming experiences and pretty much the sole reason I bought a Playstation 2. Tommy Vercetti will rule the world.

  • An under-appreciated title which (aside from some clunky battle mechanics and ropey gameplay) contains a great story and characters, as well as some impressive voice acting.

  • Contains some of the worst commentary ever seen in a video game, and has aged rather badly, but in its day it certainly was a fun title. It included Fred Durst, so I was happy.

  • Lovely graphics and fight mechanics made this a welcome instalment to the series.

  • My personal favourite of the older generation of Smackdown games (of the ones I have played anyway) as its Career mode still outperforms anything which is being released in the latest instalments.

  • A slightly slower paced fighter than most, but still tremendous fun, especially with friends.

  • This was the decline in the series in my opinion, which funnily enough coincided with my equally declining interest in extreme sports in general...

  • Got this after the sequel, so it was difficult to appreciate it. One player seemed kinda crap, to be honest...

  • Simple hack 'n' slash gameplay and dull graphics marr this potentially decent game based on the movie.

  • A massive game, which in my opinion, is actually too big for its own good. Still, there were some great moments.

  • An inspired sequel and another great instalment in the series, which introduced some fairly decent new characters (and some awful ones) and a lovely chess mode.

  • Stressful boss battles and overly simple fighting make this difficult for even MK enthusiasts to enjoy.

  • A nice addition to the series which notably combines every single character who has ever appeared in any of the games, although the adventure mode is tacky and not very enjoyable.

  • A great title which allows you to take part in many of the epic battles from the trilogy, as either the Rebels or the Imperials.

  • The single player campaign is not too bad, but the actual 'improvements' in some way detract from the good parts of the first title, and the graphics are certainly worse.

  • A decent enough take on the original film, but the dull setting was less interesting than, say, Vice City's colourful '80s Miami.

  • A slightly improved update to the series, but some changes weren't to my liking.

  • Unfortunately I couldn't seem to advance as my save at a boss fight with no health or ammo meant it ruined the rest of the game for me, but in my opinion it's the weakest of the series.

  • Never played this, but my brother enjoyed it for a while.

  • A very alternative game in terms of everything else I own, but was great for family gatherings.