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Wake Me When it's Over 3

Metal Gear Solid 4 is an interesting game to review because there really isn't anything quite like the Metal Gear series in the gaming world. It's a series with a rabid following and with moments of true brilliance and gameplay nirvana sprinkled throughout its history starting back in 1998. Over the past several years the titles have veered off into wildly different directions with varying results - some good, some lacking. While the first game in the series was groundbreaking, the second was la...

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Crash Porn 0

Burnout Paradise is the latest in the series from developer Criterion Games which specializes in celebrating grotesquely over the top automobile collisions. I'm not exaggerating when I say that the visceral crashes in Burnout Paradise border on fetishism, but in the context of the game it's well executed and actually fun. There's something almost erotic about driving down a crowded street at a blindingly fast speed, zigging when you should have zagged, and clipping the rear bumper of a car cross...

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It's 1989 Again, and it's Been too Long 0

Remakes are all the rage these days, and while on the one hand they can be shrugged off as a cheap way for lazy developers to cash in, occasionally they not only reinvigorate a franchise that's been dead for two decades, but also create a game that's a sheer joy to play. Such is the case with Bionic Commando Rearmed. The original BC was released in the late 80s on the NES and was a unique game for its time in that it was a side-scrolling shooter where the protagonist couldn't jump. Instead, the ...

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Not Without its Flaws, but Fun in Context 0

Mercenaries 2 is a somewhat-anticipated sequel to the original game that appeared on last-gen consoles four years ago. Like its predecessor it bills itself as an "open world" game, and obviously it'll be compared against the mother of all open world series, Grand Theft Auto. While that's definitely a burden it must shoulder, Mercenaries 2 is different enough so one can justifiably cry "apples and oranges," to an extent. The plot revolves around a mercenary (you) who's been contracted by a Venezu...

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Nirvana in a Box 0

There are games that I become remotely interested in as they're in development, forget about, and am pleasantly reminded of a month after their release, causing me to casually wander down to my closest retailer and grab a copy for a late night coffee and vodka fueled marathon of gaming bliss. Then there are games that capture my attention two years before they're released and cause me to lose sleep in continual quests for new screenshots, trailers, or interviews. Grand Theft Auto IV is of the la...

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Not Worth $10, but Fun when Free 1

For years now fans of Peter Molyneux's original Fable have been anxiously awaiting the release of his next gen sequel to the 2004 sword-and-sorcery RPG. It's fair to say that Molyneux has been known in some circles for his exaggerated claims and broad visions more than for his games themselves, some of which have been lackluster (a popular example being 2001's Black and White, which I actually enjoyed, but nevermind). Molyneux seems to have an obsession with giving gamers choice between playing ...

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Flawed, but still fun 0

caption Fallout 3 is a game that's been a long time in the making. The original designers of the series have since bowed out of license, with the task falling to Bethesda Studios, best known for their work on the Elder Scrolls series of RPGs, and this is apparent at the very beginning of the game. The world of Fallout is a post-apocalyptic future where mankind has fled to the safety of a series of underground vaults throughout the United States to protect themselves from nuclear war and the hars...

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