Shames of the Year: 2013

Great games are hard to come by, but there's also a deluge of crap each year. Thankfully, most of us can see those coming from miles away and can actively avoid them, but every so often, they slip under our "lamedar" and actually get played. These are the top disappointments that I personally found this year to have darkened my gametime.

List items

  • I should have seen this coming, considering that it was advertised before even being announced (and then only released scant months afterward), and developed by legendary shovelware developer Magic Pockets, but man alive, this is such total useless rubbish. As a nigh-lifelong fan of all incarnations of TMNT, I was severely disappointed. What an idiot I was to buy three copies of this crap. (Xbox 360, Wii, 3DS)

  • Divekick is absolutely the most regrettable purchase I've ever made, even though it was under $3. Divekick took one "joke" that wasn't even funny in the first place, and turned it into a super boring PVP combat game. I know a lot of people stand by this title, but I, for the life of me, cannot stomach it at all. (PC)

  • I enjoyed this a lot more than most others, but a lot of the game was indeed uninspired and cookie-cutter. And the humor, as funny as it was, seemed way too forced at times. 'Pool deserves better (PS3)

  • "Wait, this guy developed this! Why is it on his list of worst games?" Well, just because I made it, doesn't mean it's any good. To its merit, though, this was pretty much a testbed, a proof of concept. I literally only ported this old 2006 title to new platforms this year to prove to myself that I could, and decided to release it to the public in a "why the hell not" move. Still, it's moved 529 units as of this writing, which is 529 more than I thought it would. In contrast, my second app, "Shady's Stone Smash", which is by far superior, has only been downloaded 33 times since July. (Browser, Android)