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Best Games of 2007

Best games of 2007 for all platforms in no order. Bioshock is game of the year, followed by Rock Band, COD4, then the Orange Box and everything else is random.

List items

  • Best singleplayer experience in a long time. Strong narrative, dynamic action, and killer production values combine to make the best game of 2007.

  • Best soundtrack to date on any music game, and it is becoming more awesome every week. All instruments work great, and multiplayer is unparalled on any other game to date.

  • With great graphics and sound, intense singleplayer and awesome multiplayer, COD4 is a great package all around.

  • Better than Super Mario 64 and a fun, happy experience.

  • A no-brainer. Great multiplayer, and an epic campaign define the blockbuster game the Xbox 360 is proud to call its own.

  • Superb story and fun gameplay make this RPG seminal.

  • An amazing environment and unique control scheme will either make you love or hate this game.

  • 5 superb games in one add up to the best overall package of 2007.